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Thursday, November 8, 2012

On the roof rack

My father just recently bequeathed me some photos.  Not actual bequeathing since he's very much alive.  And not the actual photos since I don't think he'd ever really part with them, and they are slides not photos.  Rather he read this post and made me a CD of some of his favorites.  I know y'all don't know him.  Let me just reiterate the important parts-
1) He went on the internet. This is no small feat.  He doesn't even own a computer.  He just recently got a cell phone.  But don't tell anyone I told you since it's a secret. He doesn't want anyone to call him.
2) He found my blog.  I'm not sure he knows how to "surf" so I'm sure this step required assistance, likely from my mom.  Coincidentally, he absolutely can surf, but likely can't "surf" if you know what I mean.
3) He turned slides into JPEGS.  Okay, at this point I'm shocked.  I have no clue how one would go about turning slides into JPEGs.  Or how one would go about removing an abundance of  Sharpie off off one's walls, but that's beside the point.
4) He did all this for me.  Me.  Still his little girl so many years later.  **sniff sniff**

He adored photography long before I was a twinkle in Crazyland.  He practiced.   And in the end I have amazing images my childhood with no vintage actions required.   The kind of stuff that I hope to capture of my own children.

A favorite of his and mine from decades ago.  Circa the stone age and pre-invention of the D in DSLR.
Yes, that is me up on top.  On top of our home.   Starting at 4 years old, I rode on the roof rack for hours and hours as we traveled around.  My father, who is also Papa, says they were never going above 15 miles per hour because it just wasn't possible to drive any faster on those roads back then.  So surely that's safe.  And seeing as how we weren't on U.S. soil there were far less (any?) authority figures to monitor public safety.  
Where are the seat belts?  Where are the airbags?  Where is the car seat complete with 5-point harness and sippy cup holder?  Where is the supervision?
I remember being in bliss up there.  Hours with the wind in my hair (who cares about bugs in your teeth when your little anyway) and never getting bored.  

I love this photo more than anything.  I love the plaid curtains in the windows   I love the desert.  I love the bit of panning in the motion.  I love that yellow stripe that assured me way back then that I was at the right VW bus.  I loved riding up there on the roof rack.   I really did.
I'm considering having it blown up big on canvas.  
the long road 


  1. Wow...your parents were great!!! Mine would of NEVER allowed that. Yes, this needs to be blown up large...what a great capture.

    1. This is what happens when one is raised in a van down by the river. Or ocean. It was a wonderful childhood!

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  3. So awesome!!! As a kiddo I remember on long trips my dad would put all the hard sided luggage on the bottom of the pile in the back of the van behind the seat, and then the sleeping bags and pillows on top.. my favorite place to ride was on laying on top of all that, and as the youngest, I was the only one small enough.. I thought I was so special.. dang.. now I know you were the one who was flying!!!!

    BTW - to get sharpie off a wall (and the table... and the floor) I use magic eraser, and slides can be scanned now, I have an adapter for my scanner.. and you can pay to have it done if you have boxes full...

    1. The Magic Eraser is good for smaller areas, but it's ALL OVER the WHOLE house! SOOOOO much surface area! Not sure why nobody saw it. It would take boxes of magic erasers. I work on it a little at a time.

  4. Awesome photo and an even better story and memory. How fortunate to have all 3!

  5. What an awesome memory! GREAT photo, too.

  6. So cool!!!

    We didn't have seatbelts on the backseat in our Ford Taunus when I was a kid (-82). I just sat on someone's lap 'cause I was the youngest of four children. :)

  7. What an awesome photo and great memories!

    Ahh...I remember the days of laying in the back window reading as we drove. No wonder my DD sometimes whines about her 5 point straight jacket after we've been on the road a few hours!

    what a great photo to put on canvas!

  8. Definitely blow the picture up on canvas! It's gorgeous.

    Just FYI-- magic eraser and oxyiclean will get sharpie off walls, with a great deal of elbow grease and patience. A friend's little girl was obsessed with sharpies and got hold of them no matter how well hidden for years (on top of a 6 foot bookcase when she was three once-- child is the definition of determined). They're a military family and thus moved regularly and my friend figured out how to get sharpie out of carpet and off walls. Never did manage to get it off her daughter's brand new bedroom furniture though... ;^)

    1. This is my girl! Actually she doesn't care what she uses on the wall... crayon, pen, pencil, marker, finger nail polish... but for some reason I can not get her to stop... as is the case with many things... as is typical of raising a special little girl.
      I'm going to try the oxyiclean too. It does seem to come off most furniture pretty easily.
      thx for the advice. It is apreciated!

  9. Beautiful! This should go on canvas ASAP!
    And I love reading about your childhood. Your parents rock!

  10. I love to read about your childhood memories, too!

    Maybe your creative little girl who likes to draw on walls would like an easel (sth like that: ) It comes with a huge roll of paper. Just thinking.

  11. Yep - the things we did "back in the day" - it's a miracle we survived? ;) Anyway - I'm surprised you've never digitized slides - it's easy and relativly (under $100) cheap and easy - time consuming - but easy! And typically "slide scanners" can also be used on film negatives - lends a whole new meaning to "post processing"!

    And you look great up there - best place to ride!

    hugs - aus and co.

  12. Great memories;) Yes, those were the days and your picture is such a treasure.

    Hope your week is filled with Blessings!


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