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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mekong Supermarket

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Wordless Wednesday... meaning with out words.
But if I could say just one word it would be Mekong.
Or perhaps it would be squid salad.  
But that's 2 words.  
{Ya, I'm a total rebel.}
Or maybe it would be fungus.  Yes, I got me some black fungus!
There's a fungus amongus!  Had to say it.
Or tippie toes.
Or boba.  We do not go to Mekong with out getting boba.  Starbucks has nothin' on boba.
Or longans.
Tap... tap... is this thing even on?
Or a zillion different brands of coconut milk all at a reasonable price.
Or 10% off everything every single day!
Or Wong Lo Kat.  Our favoritey fave!
But it's wordless Wednesday, so I won't say a single thing.  


  1. I will have to say I don't know what any of those things are (except for the coconut milk) but it sure looks like you guys were having a great time!

    Also, the very last picture made me smile so big. Those two are so cute!

  2. Absolutely love being taken on a not-so-ordinary food shopping journey with you. You have taken the mundane and turned it on its head. Thank you for sharing! You and yours really made my day!

  3. This post brought back so many memories! I vividly remember driving F O R E V E R to the Viet-Wah is Seattle to go shopping with my mom (okay, it was only like 1.5 hours, but at 10yo, it was a lifetime!). I remember always having pho and getting banh mi for the road, buying sausage rolls, rice paper candies...I'm not going to lie, I still get my mom to buy them for me when she visits :). Thank you for this post. I needed it today, you have no idea...

    1. Oh what memories!!!! I remember doing the same, but with the Mexican markets! We never left without a wonderful papaya and a tall glass of horchata. Funny how life comes full circle!

  4. Oh I love a good exotic shopping experience-- and the things I could do with that coconut milk... Coconut milk at 10% off, I say! =)

    It's oh so sweet to meet ya. I'm following you now and can't wait to get to know ya better. If you're up for a bit of a ride I'd love for you to join me at Local Sugar Hawaii. It's a beautifully kooky space just for us... I hope you'll come as you are and stay for a bit.


  5. Great stuff - we have KAM - Korean - American Market here locally - only about 45 minutes from our house - and as the ONLY "full sized" Asian grocery in Cincy they have a huge Chinese section as well! We make semi-regular trips - in particular for Holiday celebrations and birthdays - you know - when the littles are supposed to bring in a "treat" to share with their class - and we always bring in something that was a fav for us when we were "in country"! Love it - hugs - aus and co.

  6. ....and here I thought I was an "Exotic Food Shopper" shopping for Chitterlings and Pigs feet. You put me to shame!!

    Octupus and Squids?!!! Seriously...people eat that? Wait...WHO can I question....I'm eating a PIGS INTESTINE AND FEET!!

    Ewwwww excuse me while I do a MAJOR MENU CHANGE!

    1. The squid salad is a regular around here. We all love it. I haven't a clue what one would do with that octopus! But pig's feet? I come from a long line of pig's feet eaters. I just can't do it. But I do love some good chitlins!

  7. Awesome selection of photos. Such cute children :)


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