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Monday, November 26, 2012

Banana man

Frozen grapes and frozen banana slices are some of the kiddo's favorite snacks.  Recently, I've put Jude in charge of ensuring that our frozen banana slices are kept in stock.  He eats most of them, so it's only fair.
And when one is 5 years old, one LOVES to have a job that involves a knife.  Such responsibility!  Never you mind that it's only a butter knife.  A knife that couldn't cut anything other than say... a... banana.  A knife is a humongous responsibility when one is only 5.  And a boy.  And I love that he can do the whole job with very very little help from yours truly.

He gets 2 bananas, a butter knife, a cutting board, and a large Ziploc bag.
He peels that bananas and removes the belly button,
and slices the bananas,
and licks his fingers... a lot.
But like I said, he's the one that eats the majority of them anyway.  Guess I'll be working on hygiene next.
Then he puts the slices in the bag,
and of course he lets his little sister help.
That's where I come in to do the heavy work.  Lastly he brings the bag to me.  I have to "zip" the bag closed.  It's an advanced maneuver.

Then he puts the bag in the freezer.  Which ultimately results in a blob of frozen-together banana slices.  Which isn't that big a deal when you beat the  frozen-blob bag on the counter a couple times.  The banana blob breaks up easily enough to get a serving out.
Good golly cleaning fairy please come wipe down my appliances!  And the floors while you're at it.  
Did I mention he cleans up after himself, throwing away the peels and putting the knife and cutting board in the sink?  You are very welcome Jude's someday wife.  Is it crazy I think about that already?
Oh yea!  He's a catch!
You know I'm all about easy peasy.  And not only is this easy, but it gives Jude a job that he likes doing, reinforces training, and makes a healthy snack to boot!


  1. I love that he lets his little sister help - such a god older brother! Also, have you ever done a kitchen tour on your blog? It looks amazing!! I'd love to see how you organize things with a big family. I grew up in a family of 7 kids, but I don't remember how my mom did it! I'd love to see some pictures or get some tips! (No kids of my own yet, but hopefully lots in the future - adopted, Lord willing, too!)

    1. I think that's a great idea... but I'd actually have to clean it first! It's a lovely kitchen although it's getting battered up by the littles. Some of it is organized and some is not. But it works well for us. Let me see if I can do that! I love the suggestion as long as you promise not to look for the messes!

  2. 1)Excellent snack idea. 2)Love that your blog is real life- smudged appliances and all. 3)Love that you are already thinking of his future wife. 4)He is sooo cute!!

  3. Love it! Great Job Jude! I love frozen grapes too! Sometimes I rinse them, then roll them in sugar free jello powder (my favorite combo is green with peach jello, or red grapes with raspberry, but that will make your fingers red), then I put them on a cookie sheet till frozen, and then transfer them to a bag. YUMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't tried frozen bananas.. maybe I will have to try. I think Jude's recipe will work for me!

  4. TOO CUTE!!! Jude you are quite the banana slicer!!

    I like the SMUDGED APPLIANCES!! Your blog is REAL LIFE!! No prepping the background, getting the house all pristine for pictures...just a loving house with LOTS OF CUTE KIDS and LOTS of LITTLE STICKY!!

    1. Well you didn't see it BEFORE I tidied it up for this post! hehehe I'm only kinda kidding.
      "little sticky" LOVE that phrase!

  5. I love this idea. I've been looking for "chores" for my 5-year-old to do to keep up with his older siblings and this will definitely make the list.

  6. I think I need lessons on the cleaning up part. My seven year old told me that it was my job. Yes, she is still alive but her culinary days are over from now. I hope she marries well. This is an awesome post. Have a great weekend and holiday.

  7. What a darling. An yes, he will someday make an excellent husband. Good job momma. Thank you for sharing and linking up to the Empowered Living hop. This is a good example how to instil the empowering bug early.


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