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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tips-n-Tricks {filled cupcakes}

I found this post buried in the dregs of posts that never get published.  Not sure what had me so distracted that I forgot about it, except that life and laundry has a way of making me forget things. But I want to get this posted since I got a couple of questions about it and told you I'd be sharing it. 

In the middle of The Great Cupcake-palooza of 2012, I decided to try my hand at filling cupcakes.  It really was pretty easy and fast ('cause you all know I wouldn't do it if it weren't.)  Here are Liv's cupcakes with a cream filling so you can see the inside.  Below, Tess wanted chocolate chocolate chocolate death-by-chocolate cupcakes.  So I decided to fill them with of course even more chocolate. 

I start with a batch room-temp cupcakes. 
I bake them the day before then fill, frost, and decorate the following day, the day I need them.  
Many tutorials suggest using a piping bag to fill or a biscuit cutter to cut the hole. Not that it's hard that way, but this was so much easier. After trying a few different methods, a plain ol' spoon to cut the center was easiest.
Go around in a circle with the spoon and lift out the cake.  Don't make it too big. 
Cut the end off the top.
Do this for all your cupcakes.
Scoop out a bit of the inside of the cake.  It doesn't need to be a lot and be careful not to go too close to the  side or bottom of the cupcake.
Blob a bit of filling of your choice inside, about a spoon full. I used chocolate pudding. But you could also use jam, icing, custard, or a cream filling. 
Replace the top. 
Give cake remnants to a child, and watch them smile... and make a huge mess!
Frost as normal.  The frosting will conceal the hole you cut.
Decorate, and stand back to admire you handiwork and don't tell anyone how easy it was!  
All in all, it only took an extra 5-ish minutes to fill them. 
And Tess was quite delighted with the extra chocolaty goodness!  


  1. Nancy, I have been meaning to ask you since you started these cupcake posts. How do you frost your cupcakes? Clearly you're doing something different than me, they look much more professional and delicious than the ones I make by swiping on canned frosting with a knife.

    1. Michele-For these I just used a piping bag. Plain ol' store bought frosting though. I have one big reusable piping bag and a few tips that I use around birthday season.

  2. To join the previous comment, you can also cut the tip off of a plastic baggie and use tip couplers with the particular tip you want.
    I love your cupcake pictures. I just wish I could reach through the screen and have 1 or 6. YUM!


    1. Great suggestions, Karina! Thx for passing it on!

  3. I found your blog through the Christian adoption linkup and look forward to following along. My husband and I hope to adopt one day and I've read some of your posts and love how honest and open you are about the whole process.

    By the way, your cupcakes look great. I love to back but decorating is not my thing. My cupcakes always look terrible.


  4. Cupcake posts...whaaaaa. I'm totally going to check them all out and pinning a few ideas. Your family is gorgeous and extremely happy. I'm in need of some photography lessons so I'm thrilled you linked up to the Empowered Living Tuesday Blog Hop. looking forward to more.


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