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Monday, October 15, 2012

regarding me

Papa and I are going here in February.
 A long-over-due getaway just for just the two of us!
And 98 of our closest friends that we haven't met yet.

Anyone else going?

My favorite number is 3.  Or 33.

I'm not happy unless I'm creating something.  
A photo.  A scrapbook.  A meal.  A baby.  A letter.  A muffin.  A mess.
Creating something.  Creating anything.

We're out of pancake mix, and I'm hoping flour goes on sale soon.  

I'm not really that creative.

My birth mom was 18-years-old when she had me.  Bonanza was on.

My favorite color is red... and green.  But never together.

Like Bonanza was on the very moment I was born! 
Or at least that's the way my dad tells the story.  

I'm lazy.

Tracy Chapman's Fast Car still makes my soul overrun with emotion in an instant.
I can not fathom a generation that doesn't know every single word of it by heart.

I grew up in a van down by the river.

Ok not really.  But kinda.

 Alarm clocks scare me. I have not let there be one in my bedroom for decades.

I get up when I'm suppose to anyway.  You know, like before alarm clocks were invented.   It's radical I know. But generations before us did it.

I'm starting to think that there just might be a little boy missing in our home.  Maybe.

This is the first time in the last 13 years that I have not regularily attended a bible study.

I used to teach middle schoolers, and I love love love that age range!

Kindergarteners in mass scare me.

I'm a very good whistler!

This is my friend LisaMarie.  She makes the most amazing lunches! 
(Yes, I said lunches.  As in bento.)

My favorite time of day is the time when I pick the kids up from school and meet the school bus.

My least favorite time of day is an hour after that.

Anyone like giveaways?  I have a couple of them lined up SOON!  Woooo Hooooo!


  1. LOVE this post!!! I have not heard that song in too long, good for the soul!!

  2. Those bento lunches - wowza! Those are awesome.

    Crazy ten? You are the best kind of crazy ;)

  3. Those bento lunches are amazing! I'm so not that creative!

    Crazy ten. But that's the very best kind of crazy ;)

  4. Oh my word, you'll never believe this but I'm listening to Fast Car right now. It's the most beautiful song, hands down -- I always listen to it when I need to cleanse my emotions a bit. I listened to it a ton last night, too.

    1. You know I forget about that song. Then I que up some play list and will hear it again, and OOOOOOHHHHH I love it from the very first guitar notes. luv. luv. luv. Yes, I think you're right. It's good to "cleanse."

  5. Eeeeek!!!! We will actually get to meet?!?! In PERSON? Awesomeness.

    1. Wooooo HOOOO!! Can't wait. I'll be the one that looks like she needs to put her feet up with a big ol' grin.

  6. ME! ME! ME! I'll be there in Feb. too. Unless I'm in China. Which, would be just crazy and only God could move it all that fast. But we're counting it as our last "get away" together for a while cuz we'll then focus the next year or so on theintensive breaking away and paring down our lives like we did when Li'l Empress came home. I can't wait. For either :) And both! :)

    And I don't normally like the number 3. I'm an even-steven kind of gal.

    But Mei Mei makes three girls and three boys and we're done. So that's both 3 AND even-steven. See? Nifty how God worked that out for us :) For me, hubby could care less.

    Yay. Love this post - so random and so fun. Aaaaaaaand, I've got me some give-aways coming soon too. I'll start intro'ing the three big gifts soon. Keep your eyes peeled :)

    Which, btw, is the grossest phrase ever, is it not?! Ugh. Keep your eyes open and fixed on my blog. That's much less gory :)

    1. How fun to meet you in PA! We're looking at it as a "get away" too. Maybe we should bring candles? Hehehehe

  7. Thanks for the nod, Bento is FUN!!!!!!!!!! I love packing lunches, Making them fun really doesn't take much time, and it helps me think about what I am packing nutrition wise.. I am also more prone to eating my fruits and veggies this way. Although, I admit today I didn't, and tomorrow I won't (but I am thinking I will pack a breakfast)...

    Get aways are IMPORTANT!!!!! And crazy can be good!!!

  8. I don't plan to be there BUT... I live about 40 miles north of Leola. Maybeeeee we could meet for coffee or something?

  9. Sorry, I was signed in with my husband's account:). I like the crazy 10 idea...

    1. Ya, can't believe I put that in print. It's so far away and still in prayer/looking for direction stage. Not to mention the there's-simply-no-money for it stage.

  10. I looove that song! And love the idea about crazy 10. ;)
    And I must say I would love to hear more about your childhood. That van sounds great!

  11. Oh, and cause I just looked back and realized, I think the Crazy 10 could be totally AWESOME!!! I hope your prayers/looking for direction are answered in the affirmative!


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