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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jiangxi Provincial Registration of Foreign Adoption

Papa assured me that all they were still there.  If I'm being honest, I had my doubts.  Serious doubts!

Shortly after we got home from China, Murphy's law kicked in and my computer had "issues."  Papa added some memory, and solved the problem, but the 2 hard drives couldn't interface.  So I could see all the little thumb nails of my China pics, but nothing more.  There was no way to pull them up.  But like he said, they were still there.  Or were they?

This weekend, Papa sprinkled his electronic magic on my computer (some have a green thumb, Papa has an electronic thumb and can fix most electronic things including computer issues) and *poof* there they were!  I was a teeny tiny bit worried they were gone forever.  I should have had more faith in him!

So it's no surprise that my China posts dropped off the map when I couldn't access the photos.  Now I've been spending all my spare time editing. Ya, all that spare time.  But finally, 6 months late, I can get the job finished.  At the conclusion of these "china trip" posts, they will be printed in a book for Mimi.  So it's imperative that I finish this project and even include the bad photos.  There will be a lot of these posts in the future, I think at least once a week till it's done.

If you missed the first part of the trip, it's here.  To start where I left off, we had gotten Mimi just the night before.  Mimi was about 6 hours late arriving, and my father was about 3 hours late.  My father walked in to our hotel room only 5 minutes before Mimi got there.  I was so so so grateful that he was able to witness her arrival.  He has now been with us for 2 of our 7 children coming into our lives.  And that brings us up to date.  This morning found us with Mimi for all of 12 hours, and doing paperwork, the "official" process of adopting her in China.  And the remainder of the day we spent getting to know one another in the hotel room.

These photos are awful.  Some taken by me and some by Livy.  My old camera was starting it's downward spiral.  Ain't that great timing while on the trip of our lives!  But they are all we have and thus treasures.  This is where were were 12 hours into our lives together.  I look back at these photos and can more easily see the fear in her eyes.  How she teetered between shutting it all out, taking it all in, and letting the pain in her heart show through.  We were so happy to have her, and contrastingly she was terrified by everything new and literally foreign to her.
See I told you they were awful photos!  This is the government building that all families adopting from Jiangxi province go to to complete their adoption.
Does anyone actually read this sign?
You gotta love the part here that refers to the "Time of Congeniality," which all the adoptive parents can tell you is anything but congenial.  
Official photos for the paperwork.
This photo breaks my heart like no other.  She is just so very sad and withdrawn.  And here she had to sit all alone while we all looked at her.
The official China document that says we belong to her forever!
12 hours in, she still wanted little to do with me and pushed against me and arched her back.  
Eventually falling asleep, the ultimate in shutting it all out.
When we returned to our hotel room, food again was the great equalizer.  She loved her bar-b-que pork buns, eventually getting to the meat and eating all the insides out.  Despite her grief and being a picky eater, her appetite was always good.  
Still no smiles from our girl.  It was too soon.  But they would be coming in the near future!

Next... why she's eating on the floor by the window.  


  1. Nancy - your worst shots with a dying camera are better than my best! Really enjoying the retro - we too made books for each of our adoption trips - a "must do" for our kids

    hugs - aus and co.

    1. You notice the pics aren't blown up to the large size? They are so bad. I'm actually quite excited to get her book published!

  2. Replies
    1. I assume you recognize this space then? Or maybe it has changed.

    2. Yep, looks the same as when we were there with EK in 2010. Caroline is from Shandong (June 12). Pic shoot with kids this afternoon heading your way. Severe thunderstorms rained us out yesterday.

  3. I think the pictures are great. Congratulations on the adoption. What a beautiful baby girl you have!

  4. What a touching post and I think the pictures are lovely. Congratulations on taking this wonderful baby into your family and I wish you all the very best.

  5. I'm so glad you got your pictures back. We lost all of our pictures from our adoption trip to Taiwan when my husbands work computer crashed. Unfortunately his computer was all we had when in Taiwan and we had offloaded all our pictures every night to make room. The only pictures we have are those our then 5 yr old took. We've got lovely pictures of the floor, up chicks nose, and plenty of self portraits. I do smile every time I see them though!

  6. Having your camera go at such an important time... not fun, at least you still got some pictures, and of course you got the best thing ever, Mimi! I am glad Papa was able to make them work enough you can make her book for her. Her book will mean so much!

  7. Such a cutie. My oldest sister is adopted, but not overseas. She met her biological siblings 10 years ago. It's kind of neat to see them to.

  8. I agree with the others...your bad pictures are still so much better than mine! We also adopted a little girl from Jiangxi and were there just about a month after you I think. Mimi looks so terribly sad and yet she is breathtakingly beautiful all at the same time. It's amazing to see her blossom in her family!!

  9. Nancy, I didn't realize Mimi was from Jiangxi. My little girl is also. I just finished scrapbooking a picture of us in front of that same welcome sign (I'm three years behind). Great photos! I always love when you have new posts.

  10. Thank you for sharing your journey! I can imagine it is amazing to be a part of a little one's life that God has brought to you! Thank you for linking up! Blessings!

  11. Thank you for sharing! If it makes you feel any better about the timing, I don't have the (very valid) excuse of technical difficulties... we returned Stateside with the Pipsqueak in July 2010 and I am *STILL* trying to put together CDs/DVDs of the photos I promised to share with the other families... the photo book I've been promising family members... the book version of the original adoption site... and more, oh so much more... [insert heavy, guilty sigh here]


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