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Friday, October 19, 2012

3" and piggies

I measure all the kiddo's height about every 6 months.  For no real reason other than it's fun to see the growth spurts and they just love placing their heels against the wall and standing as tall as they can with a ruler marking the wall.  
The latest discovery is that our girly has grown 3" in the last 6 months!
At this rate, she's going to be 8 foot tall by the time she's 12 years old.  
Or not.  
And the inches aren't the only thing growing!  Look at those piggies!  
She's my first child that has been follicly challenged.  And what is evidenced in THIS photo sure didn't help!  But finally I can get some piggies in, and it seems to have instantly aged her a year or two, from toddler to little girl.
I know in the blink on an eye she'll be in kindergarten, then a tween, then walking down the isle on her papa's arm.
I remember the days when the time passed so slowly and the months dragged on.  Now it speeds past with no regard for my begging to please slow down.


  1. Love the hair! I was so excited the first time I could wrangle Delilah's hair into pigtails!

  2. Such cute little piggies!

    The love of a family and good food = a growing and happy Mimi!

  3. So cute! I love those little piggies!

  4. Why is that?? I remember waiting for the first to sit up, walk, and do all those first. But now I wish I could slow down time and keep them little a while longer.

  5. We also have a little girl from Vietnam, She is from Danang.

    Every time I read your Blog I cry. You have an amazing way to write and your pictures are AMAZING.

    You are an inspiration.

    Thank you for sharing those beautiful moments.

    Annie from Canada

    1. Hi fellow AP from VN! Oh how I miss that lovely country and it's people! It's nice to meet you, Annie.

  6. You are an inspiration. You have a beautiful family.

    You can put into words so many feelings I am amazed. You often make me cry because you write so well.

    We also have a daughter from Danang, Vietnam and she is my precious little girl.

  7. such great photos!!


  8. Love the photo with just the piggies showing. Beautiful. Of course, they are all beautiful, that one's just my favorite.

  9. Love the piggies!!!! Janie's hair is so NOT growing fast!!!!!

  10. Adorable. You are so right they grow up so fast. Its a wonder to me why so many people want to rush these precious stages of life along. I love your photos because they cause you to stop for a moment and reflect on the wonder of each stage of our children's life. I am a new follower and love your blog!


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