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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tips-n-Tricks {cold and lazy Susan}

If I lived alone, I'd likely be the anal retentive type with all the hangers color-coded and evenly spaced in my closet.  Y'all would likely have to have an intervention, and I may or may not have cats.  
But I live with an army of little people who have a mission to make us all live in noise, chaos and crayon artwork . . .  and unevenly spaced hangers. It's really a good thing.   
But I still embrace my organized self when ever I can!

Here is a little tip that someone told me about years ago that changed my LIFE! Ok, maybe it didn't change my life, but it sure did change my refrigerator.  And that makes müber happy!

It's simple really. No drum roll needed. 
I put a lazy Susan in our fridge.   
Keepin' it real, this pic was taken just after we returned home from a trip.  I got to the store and bought some eggs and fruit. It usually isn't this clean. and yes, that is 3 dozen eggs in there. We plow through eggs regularly.  I'm also embarrassed to say I count at least 3 mustards that we do not plow through. 
You know all those little jars and bottles in the back corners of your fridge? The ones hiding in the dark corners that you're likely to forget about for say a year or a decade? The capers, the martini olives, the jar of hot sauce Uncle Weldon gave you last 4th of July?  Worcestershire sauce?  Chutney?  Rough deli mustard?  Chili sauce and frosting? A second bottle of ketchup your not sure why someone opened up where there's a perfectly good one already in use?  

I could go on and on because all we all have an over-abundance of stuff in our refrigerator that we don't use all that often and take up valuable space. Admit it. You don't have a clue what's back there, right? There are lots of little (and not so little) bottles of stuff in the back of the fridge, and there's never enough room in the shelves on the doors. 
Frosting, cottage cheese, peanut butter, more frosting . . . 
Hello Hershey's chocolate syrup hiding in the back!  I see you, my love! 
So I measured the depth of my refrigerator shelf and went to one of those fancy schmancy "organizing" stores where they had a larger selection of lazy Susans. I bought the biggest one that would fit in my fridge.
And let me tell you, a lazy Susan in your fridge is divine! Now I can see everything with a turn, and I know nothing is hiding or lost in the back corner of our refrigerator!
. . .  a flick of the wrist reveals a half-eaten jar of olives, chili sauce, yogurt, and the remains of homemade dill pickles!
At first I thought a lazy Susan would take up too much room, and I'd have less space than before.  But no, not true! Nothing gets lost in the corners of my fridge, and I either use stuff, toss it out, or know what is available for future use. Hubby fought me when I first mentioned it, thinking it was silly and overkill. But now we both love it. It's nothing major. But the cold and lazy Susan makes things run a bit more smoothly, and with an army of little people running around, that's a good thing indeed!


  1. I love the Lazy Susan. Especially yours. The tray has an edge to it. Where did you find it?
    Got to do some searching.

  2. I got this one at a store called "Storables." I'm not sure if it's in business any more or was bought out by "The Container Store." It wasn't cheap 'cause I wanted a big one. This was before I ever thought to shop on-line. But in hind sight, over 7 years later, it was very worth it. I'd think there's be a large selection on line.

  3. I think that you and I could be related! I would have such an organized house..IF I didn't have anyone else living with me!! I always tell my children "A place for everything and everything in it's place!" NO ONE LISTENS!!

    Thanks for hopping to my blog! You will find I am very boring...mostly family related, but I can tell I will be enjoying yours!!

  4. I actually do is and love it! But I need to find one for my dining room table. A friend has five kids and puts all her food stuff on the table on a lazy Susan, then the kids can help themselves. I thought that was a great idea, too!

    1. We have a big ol' one on our table too. The only issue is that there is a rule about how old you have to be to turn it. And usually I have my hand on it in the beginning of a meal as a "brake" so it doesn't get spun too quickly. Lazy Susan's are a wonderful invention!

  5. What a clever idea ! I hate how the bottles get "lost" in the fridge. This post is too funny and hits close to home.

  6. What a clever idea ! I hate how things get "lost" in the fridge! This post is too funny and hits a little close to home. Maybe I should do this too.

  7. This is off the subject but why do you refrigerate your peanut butter? Isn't hard to spread then? Just curious...


    1. Hmmmmmmm... never really thought about it. My mom always put her peanut butter in the fridge. Asked hubby and his did too. I often buy natural peanut butter which I know I keep in the fridge so it won't separate. No, it's still pretty easy to spread.

  8. A lazy susan in the fridge = brilliant.

    And the extras you mentioned? Yup, got them over here too. Except ours includes jams bought "fresh" last year, as well as Trader Joe's pumpkin butter from last year. Gross. I just cleaned everything out last week, so here's to hoping it keeps SOME type of cleanliness over the next few months. ;)

    Thanks for following! Newest follower!


  9. I seriously need to put of these in my fridge and pantry as well too. Thanks for sharing at Sweet Saturday :)

  10. Now that is a great idea! I just might try that instead of digging to the back when I need something :)


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