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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cupcake-palooza - part 4 of 5

Anyone getting tired of cupcakes yet? 
Truth be told, by the time we reach the 4th celebration in our Crazy 9 birthday blitzkrieg, we are getting all little cupcaked-out.  
But there are two more birthdays to go.  

The 4th celebration belongs to Patch who celebrated his 14th birthday.  
He requested Oreo cupcakes and I made them compete with Oreos in the cake and Oreo flavored frosting. Wish I would have gotten a photo of the inside with the chunks of cookie inside. I will pat myself on the back and say that they were as delicious as they looked!
His requested birthday dinner was an excellent example of his y-chromosomenessosity.  (How's that for a totally made up word?  Take that de-regulation of the American dictionary!)
Steak, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob. And it was quite yummy to all regardless of chromosome designation.  
By the way, this boy was one of my 2 preemies. Couldn't tell could ya?
He was born at 36 weeks and was 8lb 2 oz. He weighed more than all the babies in his room combined. We lived, ate, and breathed NICU in those days.

These photos were taken in my aunt's home. Her home has amazing light in the morning, and she has taken amazing photographs of people in this very chair.
So even though it's nothing special, no special outfit, back drop, or location, (and that kinda appeals even more to me) I grabbed Patch for his annual birthday shoot.  Just my dear boy in my Aunt's home, and that in itself is so special.
This boy has never quite fit into a box.
And I love love love that about him!

At 3 years old, he learned how to scale the 5' block wall in our back yard.  And we'd regularly get a phone call from a neighbor asking if we could please come get him.
He will take any dare.  I mean any dare.  At all.  Anything.  Including anything that has anything to do with hair and/or live insects.  Don't ask.  So if you see him, please think very carefully about what you dare him to do.

This summer he climbed Mnt. Whitney, 14,505', the highest peak in the United States.  Twice.  
He's a very outdoorsy kind of guy.  He has been thinking he'd like to go into the Forest Service.
But very recently he's been thinking he'd like to be a trauma or ICU nurse. My goodness he'd be amazing at it.

And just because it is so very Patch, one last pic of my boy being so very 14.
Happy birthday, my son. You keep me on my toes and joy in my heart!  I love you so so much!


  1. Hi There! I love your cupcakes they look so cute and yummy! Hope you could visit us get connected. Thanks!


  2. Hi Nancy! I just found you through the comment you left on my Life on the Funny Farm blog ( Your blog is so gorgeous! Looks like we have a few things in common. Just added myself as a follower, so I'll be back. Have a good one!

  3. Happy Birthday Patch!

    Please pass me a cupcake, I'm drooling over here!!!! They look so dang YUMMY!!!!!

    1. I'm going to post the basic cupcake recipe here next week probably. It's ridiculously easy and yummy. Then with the time I save making them, there's time to decorate!

  4. Mmmm, those cupcakes look AMAZING. I'll eat anything with oreos in it--ok, maybe not some of the stuff your son has been dared to eat, but cupcakes are good with me. :-)

  5. Mmmm... those cupcakes are making me hungry!! They look absolutely delicious. Thank you for linking up with us today for the Southern Mama's blog hop!! Hope you had fun :)

  6. I saw this on a linky but couldn't get it to open...luckily you were easy enough to find on Google. :)

    Happy birthday to your very handsome son. 14 is a good age, they're still sweet and like to hang out w/mom, but you can see the edges of becoming a man creeping in too, and they're both really neat to experience.

    1. I agree! 14 year old boys (at least the only one I know well right now) are amazingly fun!

  7. Found you over at the Southern Mama Blog Hop! I am LOVING your blog!

  8. Happy 14th to him! He does seem like an incredible boy! :)


  9. I would like a cupcake like that. ^^

    Happy Birthday, Patch!!
    Oh, those blue eyes!! <3

  10. Why am I the only person commenting on 8 lbs 2 oz at 6 weeks early!? I am in such awe of that detail that I can't even properly drool over the cupcakes.

    1. Erin, I was 36 weeks, and yes he was 8lb 2 oz. And I was dead certain of my dates. He was a giant in the NICU and had typical preemie problems.
      My 2nd daughter, 3 weeks early, was 8 lb, 9 oz. And Boo, was 9 lb 15 oz, so I just have big babies.

    2. oh ya, he was only 4 weeks early. Such a contrast to my wee little Asian sweeties!

  11. What a handsome boy!
    Great blog too :)
    Following you from

  12. There was a 10 pound baby beside Casper when he only weight 2 lbs 5 oz. He looked like a giant!

  13. Wow, 14 and he has already climbed mountains, that is amazing. I love the idea that he wants to be an ICU or trauma nurse. Is that at Aunt Sugar's home? I think I would vote for the Oreo Cupcakes they sound amazing!!!

  14. Thank you so much for stopping by my place! I'm your newest follower. Your photos are beautiful & your adoption stories inspire me as I hope to adopt some day!

  15. What a handsome young man and you are so right, the lighting is pretty wonderful in your Aunt's chair. Happy Birthday...Patch!!


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