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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cupcake-palooza - part 2 of 5

Sweet beautiful Livy is still not up for a photo shoot.  7 weeks later she's still a bit swollen, so we're postponing her birthday photo session for a couple more months.
Her requested birthday dinner was sushi.  And oh yes, I jumped at the opportunity to take her!
She also requested blue, (her favorite color) cream-filled cupcakes with pink flowers. And since this is the year of the cupcake, and because she's just so awesome, it's the least I can do is tell her I love her with smurf-blue cupcakes!
I know in hind sight... that the cupcakes look a bit... a little bit like... I mean they kinda resemble...
Never mind.  If you can't see it, I'm certainly not going to point it out.
Papa smurf cupcakes with pretty pink flowers they are!
Happy sweet 16 my gorgeous baby girl! I mean that, and I want the whole world (or at a bare minimum bloggie-land) to hear it!   You are so amazingly gorgeous!  And you are an amazing person inside to boot!  When I think of you, it makes me want to be a better me.
Happy happy birthday you sweet thing!


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