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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The best picnic in the whole wide world

I'm going to pretend I'm not in the desert.
I'm going to pretend it's not 116 degrees today... in the shade.
I'm going to pretend my family is gathered around me, and we're still having the best picnic in the whole wide world.
Isn't it awesome when it happens that way?
You see it was the perfect farewell to our summer.
There was good food.
And the wild flowers were exploding.
And the children, who started out fully clothed, gradually stripped off their clothing a piece at a time after getting wet.
I took a nap, because it was that good, and this was my view.
And then I rolled over, and got to see this.
Livy went off critter hunting and found this.
Most importantly, they were around me.
Their giggles and splashing and even the snoring were around me.
Bliss I tell you!
See... I told you it was the best.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. But you always wow me! Gorgeous view. Gorgeous kids. What a wonderful time!!

  2. My favorite is the one of the insect. Beautiful!

  3. That seriously is the most wonderful picnic I have ever seen. These images are a work of art! Please...put them on canvas, frame them, DISPLAY THEM!

  4. I'm assuming that my picnic invite was lost in the mail...right?

    What a kickin' time! Seriously!

    I love all that splashing around and clothes drying going on. Livy is WAY braver than I'll never catch me holding one of those little critters! I don't mind looking at them from the other side of glass...that's as close as I like to get. Thank you very much!

    Anyway, these photos are fab. And I'm so glad to hear that summer ended well in your little neck of the woods.

  5. I am IN LOVE with the second to last one. There are all beautiful! Great job!!!

  6. These are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! What a great day. Although I totally hear you about living in the desert. Miserable summers- right?!

  7. What FUN! And these pictures are fantastic, Nancy :) You have a fabulous eye... are you loving your new camera?

  8. Looks like a totally fantastic picnic! Such a beautiful and peaceful place to go! Wish I was there (and don't blame you for wishing you were there instead of in the dessert).

  9. Hee Hee, should have proofread, desert.. not dessert.. can you tell where my mind is?? :D

  10. Love these photos!!! Looks like a great day!!

  11. Wow, what beautiful photos. Just loved seeing them. How is Livy doing after her jaw surgery?

  12. Wow, what beautiful pictures! I loved seeing all of them. How is Livy doing after her jaw surgery?

  13. I thought I'd leave a comment (I read your latest post) :). What kind of lens do you use for the close up pictures of the flowers?

  14. Oh my goodness!! Your photography skills are OVER THE TOP GORGEOUS!!! The insect pic is crazy cool!!!


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