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Friday, August 3, 2012

Beloved Arf

Some little ones find a lovie that they hang on to and insist on carrying every where, and some little ones don't.  
We've always encouraged our children to have one.  I think it helps with the bedtime routine and helps our kiddos from hard places transition and feel safe in the world. 

Jude still has Conrad.  
I had one too, and his name was Big Spot.  (I think there are actually a couple of you reading here who "know" Big Spot from his glory days.  Can I get an amen?") In a season of my childhood when there were very few toys, Big Spot lived with us in the van down by the river.  He was big.  He had spots.  Ya, I was a real original name giver as a child. 
Papa had one too.  His name was Winnie the Pooh... because he is... well... Winnie the Pooh.
Winnie the Pooh and Big Spot, both rubbed thread bare, now sit in our bedroom, on the top shelf of a book case together.  I know it's cheesy.  But I don't think I could ever get rid of them.  

And now Mimi has Arf.  She's the one that chose the name.  To make up for my lack of originality, I would have chosen a name like Henrietta, or Loretta Swit, or Frida Kahlo.  But Arf is what she started calling it, so Arf it is.  
I'm not really a pink & white stuffed animal kind of gal.  There's an awesome zebra I had intended to be loved on.  Or a horse that is so very soft.  But Mimi has glommed on to Arf and with surprising accuracy continues to throw the zebra or horse at my head if I try other wise.  
Did I mention coincidentally she has the same exact dog in brown and white?  It's a a no go.  
On this day, Mimi insisted that Arf go on a walk with us. 
Mimi hollers at us each night or nap time if we forget Arf.  
Arf NOW!  Arf NOW!
She's quite demanding that way.
Needless to say, Arf needs to get bathed frequently.
After only a month of this symbiotic relationship, Arf is already showing some wear.  
I'm thinking I should go out and find a couple more Arfs before a crisis arises.

PS - Spell check doesn't like Arf, Arfs, Swit, Frieda, Kahlo, or glommed.  
Sorry spell check.  
But I'm crazy.  

PPS - I so want a dog named Loretta Swit.  Or a cat.

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  1. I had one too- a raccoon named Rocky. (who gives a kid a stuffed raccoon??) Anyway, Xandra has had a couple (she's noncommittal like that) - I got her a Ty elephant when she was a baby because I figured the trunk would be easy to grab onto with small chubby hands. She loved it for a couple years. Then someone else got her an outfit that came with a teddy bear that had a soft rattle inside his tummy. Try finding replacements for a teddy that originally came with a baby's outfit! But I managed to find 2 more! She never lost any of them, so we now have 3 bears & 2 elephants hanging around. And she still takes at least one (but most of the time, all) to bed with her each night. Milo's never gabbed onto anything... yet. But he's got tons to choose from!!!
    {Love love LOVE all your pics of ARF!! Loving the perspective!!}

  2. She is so adorable! Cute as a button!

  3. I think your idea of getting a few extra's for a "crisis" is a good one :) We lost our son's in London Heathrow before a long flight back to the States. Not the best experience for us but we can laugh about it now.

  4. The boy has that pup in white and blue, though he isn't overly attached to it, he sleeps with it every night. We've also managed to not let him take it out of the far, that is...

  5. I had (and still have somewhere) a huge bear named Orangey. Who was of course, orange. He's been sewn together many times, fluff restuffed, and fur washed.

    My son has a panda bear he got when he was days old and that buddy is so worn. My daughter has her Crying Lovey, which was from her nannies at the orphanage. It's actually a small hand towel that's pink and once had a design of some sort. It goes on every overnight, and must always be found upon falling down and getting a boo boo.

    I like Arf. He's cute.

  6. I still have Jerry (a donkey) and DH still has Crowley (a hippo). They live in our bedroom. Unless a child is having a particularly rough time and Crowley goes for a sleepover down the hall. Jerry was a gift from my uncle, who still has the original Jerry from his childhood on a shelf in his home.

  7. This is so sweet!!! I love that tenderness between them at that age & their lovie.

  8. So sweet! I love the photo of Mimi cuddling Arf.

  9. I highly recommend getting a back up and doing so early before the wear and tear is too obvious between them. Ava has a dog named "Dog-Dog" (yes also very original). We were so worried about her losing him that we ultimately ended up with 7 of them - six of which were bought through ebay and shipped from London. We originally had 8, but Ava shared one with her Lang Son friend Maeve. We've kept 2 tucked away in bags still with tags on the other five are equally loved (one in each car, one at camp, one upstairs and one downstairs). I still remember the day she realized there was more than one. She was beside herself with giggles.

  10. I check your blog everyday and really enjoy reading along but something about this post just made me smile and feel so happy inside. She is just such a cutie pie and I love when kids have a special little something.

  11. Well, it seems you gave it your best shot for Mimi's lovie to sport something other than pink, but Arf had other plans.

    While neither of my kids have lovies, Madeline has 2 stuffed animals she prefers. And you guessed it...thanks to the kindness of family and friends before bringing her home, the two she loves on most are PINK- a bunny and a bear. So I hear ya. lol.

  12. We have the exact same pink and white puppy. His name is even less original. He is called "Puppy." And she has slept with it every single night since he was given as a gift at her welcome home party. Along with a whole array of other pink and purple stuffed lovies that get lined up JUST SO across her bed. But his is the place of honor: he is tucked up each night right against her side. And woe to the Daddy or Momma who forgets everyone's prescribed and assigned order of repose :)

  13. Mimi is so dainty and precious, not to mention totally beautiful. My kids do not have just one "lovey" - they have different ones over the months and years. Wish they did latch on to one special thing. You are right, I think it is important for them, to give them security.

  14. Oh goodness!!! That third photo in this post...the one with Mimi squishing on Arf is so adorable just the photo makes you want to squish on her (Mimi not Arf)...she looks absolutely adorable!!!

  15. I agree that the third photo is adorable. Arf is at home in her arms. So cute she says, "Arf, NOW!" Gotta love a little girl who knows what she wants. Mimi is precious.

    I still have my "Raggy" (Raggedy Ann) from fifty years ago. I talk to her everyday and love her so.



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