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Sunday, August 19, 2012

What dirty window?

5D Mark II, 50mm 1.4 prime
ISO 640, f/2.0, 1/100th
Post processed in Lightroom 4
Oh sweet natural light... how do I love thee... let me count the ways.
I have a whole series of photos, but I can only show some of them to you.  I can't share my favorites.    
And they are lovely.
They are amazing.
One of them, I think, is one of my very favorite images ever... and I can't share it with you.

I think I told you that I single-handedly un-potty trained Mimi within the first month we got her.  Let's just say, that she wasn't as potty trained as they said she was, and there just was no way to keep up with the training in China and when we first got home.
An interesting side effect is that Mimi is a wee bit obsessed with changing her own diapers.  
All of them.  
Regardless of content.
She'll go through a whole package of wipes if she gets her hands on them.  
We have actually resorted to hiding all diapers, pull-ups, swim diapers and wipes in the interest of not tripling our budget on such things.  

Her preferred way to change her own diaper is to do it in the buff.  
I guess clothing doesn't get in the way?

On this occasion, she ran across a lone pull-up, (that's the blue thing in the background on the top pic) stripped herself bare, and worked on trying to to get it on for about 20 minutes... all in the family room.
There was amazing light coming in our glass doors.  Amazing filtered natural light, that somehow made the very dirty windows not all that bad.  Oh the light was so gorgeous on her skin, and I grabbed my camera.
I love Tess climbing up the table in the background!
I told you the window was dirty!  Let's consider it "artificial artistic bokeh" shall we?
Not that they are all that revealing, but you don't get to see any of the wide shots... including my favorites.  
These will have to suffice.
Ni Hao Yall


  1. Oh my goodness! Just adorable! And so glad someone else's windows look like mine!

  2. OH! I love these!! And, for what it's worth, Milo prefers to be "au natural" whether he needs an old-fashioned a diaper change (for the messy ones) or is trying to use the potty like a big boy. My husband told me it was a boy-thing... but I think this post proves him wrong!!

  3. I never would have noticed the "artificial window bokeh" if you hadn't pointed it out, my eyes were on your beautiful girl!

  4. These are so beautiful! I am coveting your camera! Of course, I covet your mad skills too! Covet in a positive and healthful way; )

  5. I love these.....absolutely gorgeous!

  6. In the top picture I love how you caught Mimi's reflection in the window. You are good!!!


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