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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday {3 little monkeys...}

...jumping on the bed.
Thankfully, none fell off and broke their noggins'.
I mean, really?
Jumping on the bed?
What. Was. I. Thinking?
Must have been a momentary lapse of reason brought on by increased and prolonged exposure to progesterone.
Crazy I tell you.

Photography 101 followers - Here are the rest of the photos mentioned in the last post.  All these photos were taken in inside using only the window light.

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  1. 1. Thank you for the AMAZING tips on photography... you explain it perfectly for half brain-dead moms like me who just need things kept simply!!! :-D
    2. You capture life so perfectly.
    3. Your kids are beautiful!!!

    Any tips on when you tell your child "Smile" to get a real genuine non-five year old cheesy fake smile??? That is the really deep and mysterious question of photography... isn't it???

  2. Marci--THANK YOU!!!
    Goodness we could have a whole post (or 2 or 3) on how to get great smiles and expressions with kiddos and adults alike. I guess the biggest advice is to NOT say "say cheese" or "smile." Tell a story, have them tell a story. Be silly. tickle games and a quick shutter finger. Just carry on a fun dialogue and BE PATIENT for the shot. Worst case scenario... many of my favorite shots are NOT the smiley ones. I adore the weird ones or crying images or the ones where they're just being down right defiant. Now that I have a child that's an adult (*quinge*) those are my favorite images of all!
    Maybe someone would like this to be a topic for another photography 101 post?

  3. such sweet memories..
    love the ones with the 3 together laughing..

  4. Hee Hee, I should have refreshed, not sure which post I commented on. I read the 101 tips yesterday.. but commented today.. then saw the rest of your little monkeys!!! LOVE THEM!

  5. These are adorable pics. Definitely ones that will be treasured :) Happy Hump Day Dump!

  6. The kids are cute. Looks like they had fun jumping on the bed!

  7. Well - as always your shutter skills are most excellent! and the models - wow...

    But as for bed jumping - we acutally have a couple pieces of furniture in the basement specifically (shudder) for jumping on!

    And like our oldest always says - "It's all good"!

    hugs - aus and co.

  8. They are adorable children and photos!

    It's nearly impossible to make my bed without my kids getting under the sheets. They are monkeys as well.

  9. Who doesn't love jumping on the bed! What fun captures! Love the piggy shot; so cute!

  10. All of them are absolutely adorable but the precious little footsies and tootsies is my favorite

  11. Absolutely fantastic photography ~ Fun too! ~
    ~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  12. jumping on the bed must be one of the most enjoyable activities - for kids and a bit older ones, too!
    Georgeous photos!

  13. Look at those adorable little piggies on your monkeys. We've done some bed jumping and photo taking, too..but I don't have good light coming in like that!

  14. So enjoying your photography 101 post!! I'm still trying to get the "blurry background" down!! You explained it perfectly and I'm still having trouble!! Eeeep!!!! I'm gonna keep toying w/the dials and see what I come up with!! Keep the post coming!! This one is absolutely adorable!!Love the picture of the feet!!

  15. You mean to say, "Three Gorgeous, Adorable, Completely Happy Monkeys Jumping on the Bed," right?

  16. Great photos and gorgeous children. Mimi looks so pretty in light blue - I think that is one of the best colors on our dark-eyed, black-haired children. Thank you for sure Nancy, for teaching us novices how to take better photos of our children.

  17. Oh my. I have SO much trouble with indoor lighting... I hope to master it one day like you did! Great pictures!

  18. So, so adorable. Great captures of real faces makes for the most perfect photos, right?!


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