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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wordless-ish Wednesday {Lilliput}

On my summer bucket list is to take a couple photography classes.  I'm knee deep into the second class and am LOVING it!  I'm even loving the homework!

Below is a series of photos I took for the class.  Truth be told, I had something different in mind entirely... something with a y-chromosome... like Jude.  

But Mimi, who was down to her skivvies escaping putting her jammies on, saw me and on the floor with toys, and of course she plopped herself right in the middle of it.  

In the end, I am so amazingly happy that she did.  I want to remember her just like this!   
Of all the pics, I have one that's my favorite.   But it was hard to pick.  
It's the first one with just her legs and the diaper showing!  She looks like a giant.  

And my other favorite is that huge grin pic, 'cause who could resist that smile!  

Oh and the one just after the smile one where only the horse and her eyelashes are in focus!  Sigh.  

And that crazy face pic where she's talking some sense into the cow!  

Or that tootsie pic!  Oh good golly her tootsie... I love that tootsie so much!  

And the one with the cow and the horse without ears.  I think I had the same Playschool set when I was little!

Oh and the last one two where the cow and horse are kissing.  For sure that one is my very favorite!

Please God, never let me forget how amazingly adorable this child is and how much I love her at this very moment. 

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  1. So jealous that she smiles so much on camera. Delilah always looks so serious! Mimi looks so adorable! I love the first one!

  2. These are the cutest pictures EVER! You have really captured this moment beautifully!
    Hope you have a w/w!

    Ps I'm a new follower! Please stop by and link up to the party! =)

  3. your pictures are fabulous!!! that is on my bucket list too...

  4. These are great fun, I always have such a hard time choosing a favorite.

  5. My kids had that barn toy...hey, it's up in the attic. Very cute little girl.

  6. These are wonderful! Photography classes are something I want to do in the next few months too! Love these shots!

  7. Adorable and fun shots ~ Wonderful! ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  8. What fun, so cute of her. It is incredible to see the joy on her face and remember back to those first few days in China. Beautiful.

  9. My favorites are the kissing cow and horse and the one where she is gritting her teeth. So much personality in such a small package!

  10. Brilliant work - but I think it's as much your eye as it is the class!

    The model steals the show tho!!

    hugs - aus and co.

  11. I like the last one, but I love the crazy face picture. Something about it Is just irresistible.

  12. what great pictures! love them..and your blog :)
    new follower here :)

  13. My favorite is the same as yours. I think it's so sweet she made them kiss. What beautiful pictures!

  14. My favorite is the same as yours. I think it's so sweet she made them kiss. What beautiful pictures!

  15. What beautiful pictures and what a beautiful family you have!!! Great blog... :)

  16. I love your blog and I love your photos!!! The white backdrop makes everything so much crisp and clearer. You got some beautiful candid shots of your baby girl in pure bliss. I am following you from the WW Hop and hope you follow back.

  17. That last shot is the best! I would be blowing this one up for the wall! Love the legs and baby piggy toes! So cute!

  18. This is, by far, my favourite Wordless Wednesday post this week :)

  19. very sweet pics! thanks for sharing with tina´s ww :)

  20. I am with you! They are all my favorites! So much personality in that little one!

  21. Oh my word!! These pictures should have a warning: Caution...EXTREME CUTENESS AHEAD!! I can't wait to get a photography class in!! These pictures are just so perfect in everyway! You truly captured "TODDLER HOOD"!

    PS The horse w/the red hat was just too adorable!! Yeah...your pictures were just so detailed! Kept me wanting to see more and more!!

  22. These are so adorable! What a personality! :) And I absolutely love the old school barnyard!

  23. Lilliput is such an appropriate title for those photos - Love 'em!!


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