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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spring cleaning & an orthogathic update

... but in the summer.

Just a few little tweaks here and there that I had been meaning to get to and finally had the time to.
First, all the social media buttons on the top right corner finally now work.  So if you want to head on over to my Pinterest or Facebook, subscribe via email, or forward me an email, it's up there.

You might have noticed a couple new images on the header.  Which is about time that our cherry-lovin' Mimi is finally represented up there!

The pages Adoption, Favorites, and If Martha made Vietnamese have both been updated.  I was surprised that there were several recipes missing from the last recipe page that are now included. 

The Photography page also got tweaked.

Last but hardly least, thank you so much to those who were and are including Livy in your prayers and good wishes these last few days.  You wouldn't have guessed how nervous she was going in to surgery, until they took her heart rate, and it was racing.  The surgery went faster than expected and her jaw is now where it should have been all along, being held in place with plates and screws.  She will be on a liquid diet for at least a couple weeks and total recovery will take at least 4 months. I've become a master smoothy maker, and if there is such a career, I'm a shoe in!
Liv is still on pretty heavy duty pain killers, and up and about somewhat, if you count walking from the bed to the couch and back.  And she's texting friends, so we know she's feeling a bit better!  I'm amazed (but not really all that surprised) by how well she's handling all this. 
We're stuck here in the desert until her doc gives us the go ahead to go back up the mountain to Little Cabin in the Woods.  Truth be told, we're bickering, screeching, tired of being held hostage to the heat and can't leave the house a bit stir crazy. 
At least it's a dry heat... which hardly helps.


  1. I am making a career out of smoothies, so such a venture does exist

  2. Oh my! I havent been checking in on my bloggy friends often enough! I totally missed this! Praying for you and your beautiful girl!

  3. Oh my, I'm so sorry she has to go through this! Praying for her!

  4. Glad to hear Livy is doing as well as can be expected. I'm sorry you're so stir crazy. Hopefully you can make it back up to Little Cabin real soon!

  5. Pretty well convinced mouth pain is the worst sort of pain. (Well, except for the pain of watching your child suffer and not being able to relieve it.) Hoping the worst is behind her and she amazes everyone with the speed of her recovery!

  6. You guys are extremely cool - I mean with all this going on you still have time for jokes! ;) Hang in the Livy - pain meds are a good thing - and I absolutly LOVE that expression "at least it's a dry heat" - horsepucky - heat is heat! ;)

    prayers - and thankful that things are going this well!

    hugs - aus and co.

  7. I'm sending lots of good vibes Livy's way... My heart would've been pounding clear out of my chest if I'd had to "look forward" to surgery like that! I'm also hoping everyone's cabin fever eases real quick-like... :-)

    On another note, I'm now seeing a quick white "flash" just before each set of new images fades in on your header... Didn't see that before the new pics were added... (Yeah, like you needed something else to worry about right now, right...?)

    Hang in there! (And I happen to like smoothies, myself...)

  8. So glad she is doing well as expected.

    On that dry heat, I laughed out loud! I've been to Arizona when it is 100+ degrees and let me tell you it is not hot like TN 109 degrees with 100% humidity. :)))

    It is so hot here, we have no need to shower b/c as soon as walk outside we are wet through and through. There is nothing like 100% humidity. It is hard to explain!

    One thing though I appreciate more is lack of rain. Boy, we're in a drought though we finally got some rain this week, and I have a new appreciation for you desert dwellers with the lack of rain here.

    Stay cool!


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