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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pwetty please

Take two.
A few hours and maybe a teeny tiny, itsy witsy, bit of profanity later...
... and I have 2 new buttons to share!

If you're a blog-button sharing kind of gal (or guy... I know there are a few of you out there that follow, and I luv ya for it!) who'd like to share the crazy, please grab the code and share.

The first button is a general button for the sometimes-incoherent and miss-spelled ramblings of crazy me.  Maybe it's just having 7 children around 24/7 and a lack of adult conversation, but I do love company!

Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 9

Second, I've been having so much fun with the Photography 101 posts!  The next one should be coming next week, so please go over there and vote for the topic that you'd like to see next.  I've been talking with a few of you one-on-one, {something I'd like to do more of in the future with a bigger plan in mind} and love seeing you get off the auto setting with your DSLRs, any your really getting so much out of your camera.  Photography has seriously rocked my world, and if you want it to do the same, I want to help you get there.
If you've been able to get a little something from my 101 posts, I'd be tickled pink it if you could share the button just for the Photography 101 tutorials!
Photography 101
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Photography 101"><img 
src="" alt="Photography 101" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

As Tess would say... Tank you berry much!
(I'm holding my breath till someone tells me they worked.  It was a serious lesson in both patience and perseverance.)


  1. I think the code might be broken. When I tried to cut and paste the button, Blogger gave me a "broken code" error message.

  2. It works!! I put the photography button on my blog!

  3. It works for me now too. I love the series. Thank you!

  4. The first button works great, but I can't get the second one to work. I LOVE the Lilliput pictures from 7/17 by the way. You are such an artist!


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