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Monday, July 16, 2012

Going up

I've mentioned before that Patch is training for a 50 mile hike that will be later this month.
Really... getting good images of 13-year-old boys is a daunting task.  Here, he was so tired, I think he didn't have it in him to run away or act too squirrely.  I took full advantage of the situation.  
So we've capitalized on his training and used it as an excuse to take an excursion to a family fave.
What is it about aspens that is so captivating?
Yesterday, Patch put on his big pack, loaded it with 32 lbs... then hiked up the mountain... at 11,100'.  It was the first time he's gone up with a heavy pack.

Coincidentally, I came across him as I was going up the lift.
I met him at the top...
View from the top... 11,100'
The first thing Patch did when he got to the top was lean on this table and look out at the view.
...and we went down the lift together.
There's some rain coming down in the background, top right corner.
No small wonder whose shoes show the most ware.  
Patch's cheering section was waiting at the bottom.
To be honest, this boy simply amazes me.  I can not wrap my head around the endurance it would take to do this.  
Nor do I want to find out.

He still needs to add about 8 more lbs to his pack, and hike up and down in the next couple weeks. 


  1. sadly, half the pics aren't showing, but the once that are are amazing. what a tough kid! love it.

  2. Thanks S! I think i have it fixed now!

  3. Sounds like he is doing great! That's a lot of weight and to think he has more to go - yikes! Great pics! Love the one of your feet; very cute!

  4. Great stuff! Used to backpack in NM and AZ - our longest trips would be about 100 miles over 12 days - our highest climb would be 12,441 - Baldy Mountain in the Pecos Wilderness area. Used to basecamp for a day at just under 10K (the timber line in that area - made finding wood for cooking WAY easier to say under 10K!) then cross Baldy to a base camp on the other side - again under the 10K line! absolutely LOVED it!

    But I only walked with 1 stick!! ;)

    hugs - aus and co.

  5. Aus---funny you mention Baldy. He did Baldy a couple weeks ago to train, but only the peak over 2 days. Actually if I would have taken a pic at the top going the opposite direction, you could easily see Baldy!
    Gorgeous country! I love this state's mountains.

  6. He is amazing!!!! As are aspens, I am with you there. Great view, no doubt.


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