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Friday, July 6, 2012

Bull Frog Loop

First, I will apologize for the mother-over-load of photos that are to follow.
I'm sorry.
The blog is foremost my children's scrapbook, and they decided that every single one of the following photos was completely necessary to conveying the reality of the craziness that ensued on the 4th of July festivities.
Little Cabin in the Woods is located in an old golf course community high up in the mountains of Arizona which has about 400 homes.  Each 4th of July a few of the neighbors host a "parade" for the community.  Any by parade I mean bicycles, dogs, scooters, strollers, and an armada of golf carts all overly adorned with a butt-load of plastic crap and streamers and red and blue papers plates.  Truth be told, there are usually far more people in the parade than there are folks that actually watch it.  All this is followed by a great big ol' pot luck lunch for anyone and their guests.  
So this is the 8th annual parade of Bull Frog Loop.
Complete with judges who actually award trophies.
And golf carts.  
And more golf carts.  
And bicycles.  
And lots of stuff that's far from p.c.  
And 1 decorated port-a-potty... 'cause what's a parade without a decked out john?  
And the local fire department... 'cause who knows what these crazy folks are capable of.  
And did I mention that the dollar store was wiped clean of red white & blue decorations?  
And, as Tess called him, a big chicken... I mean the grand marshal.  
And a Caddy Shack reenactment.  
And a fishing hole.  
And full grown men in high-waisted pants that they wouldn't otherwise be seen dead in.
And obscene amounts cookie eating.
And lots of our family being together celebrating.
All of my kiddos were together for the celebration, and it was a wonderful time!


  1. How fun! Love ALL the pictures--those kids were right! :) I especially love the last one with Sunny and Papa, very sweet.


  2. Looks like fun, and way less hot than our 4th of July parade!

  3. Oh how fun!! Your 4th was much more exciting than ours!!

  4. love these pics. makes me sad i didn't have my cam for the 4th, but then our parade was not as good as this. :)

  5. I agree with your children. Every single one of those photos was absolutely necessary. It looks like a great day.

  6. Looks like Cedarville Michigan (but warmer!!) on the 4th of July!!

    love it - love family - hugs - aus and co.


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