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Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer bucket list: 2 of 3

I am determined not to let this summer pass without purposefully living it.
With that object in mind, I have 3 things I want to accomplish this summer.
3 things on my summer bucket list.

I told you about #1, and I'm knee deep in my first class and anxiously awaiting the 2nd.
The second one is a bit obscure.
But here is goes.
#2--learn to play the ukulele.  Right up there with be an astronaut and have 12 kids, I've always wanted to learn to play the ukulele.  Since I was little I've had grand visions of my husband and I gathered around a campfire with all our children, singing along as I played the ukulele.
Never you mind that we don't go camping.
Several years ago I asked for a ukulele for my birthday, and my Mr. Wonderful, being oh so wonderful, came through.  But having a pasta maker and actually making a pasta are two different things.  (sorry, I'm hungry.)  So there my ukulele sat, un-played.
Enter stage left, my husband's sister's husband.  That's a brother-in-law right?  This man was born with a musical ear and seems to pick up and play most any ol' instrument with little to no effort... and they have their own Little Cabin in the Woods just down the street.
In a moment of weakness what-are-you-waiting-for-just-ask-him-already, I asked if he would give me lessons this summer.  And I was so happy and appreciative that he was excited to teach me!
So once or twice a week we've been sitting down together and picking a tune.  I'm slowly building up the callouses in my finger tips.  Right now they're just so sore.  But I can now play a mean rendition of You are my Sunshine!  And Oh, Susannah!  And Swing Low, Sweet Chariot!  
Too bad Go Camping isn't the 3rd thing of my summer bucket list!


  1. Great bunch of updates while I was gone! Good info on pictures (the exact opposite of what we do on crime scenes!!) and good luck on the bucket list! But most of all - please pass along my thanks to your Dad for "getting it" and building family the right way! ;) (and a bug is WAY cooler than a camaro!!) ;)

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. I've been teaching myself how to play the ukulele for a couple of years now. I even was a guest performer at my son's kindergarten program. I'm trying to get better and teaching my kids at the same time. It's fun to play but takes practice. Good luck to you

  3. I LOVE this series of #2 on your bucket list.

    You have a great BIL!

    Now, you'll just have to post a video so we can hear you play!!!!

  4. My goodness your brother in law is handsome. He also looks so talented, thoughtful, and caring. What an awesome guy!
    (when's the next lesson? I'm back up there Friday night) :-)

  5. Dear Anonymous--
    Oh YES! He's a hottie! And Oh SO Talented!
    Friday night? On the porch?

  6. You are absolutely amazing! And yes, we all want a video!

  7. A video???
    Oh my. Did I mention I've only been doing this for about a month? I'd have to be very brave to post a video!


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