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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shirt dress and tweezers

I've had this on my Pinterest board for a long while.  Then good golly, an amazing thing happened...  miracle of all miracles... I actually did something with the idea other than just "pin it" on my board!  (insert gasp here!)  Anyone else fallen in to the the great time sucking vortex otherwise known as Pinterest?  Ya, so I have a board for wedding stuff and wedding dressings and such!  No, I'm not engaged... or single... or thinking about it.  Yes, I'm crazy.

Anywho, while cleaning out some closets, I ran across a couple of button-up shirts that Livy and Sunny had long outgrown.  I thought of this project and tucked them away.  Enter summer and some time to sew, voilà, an adorable shirt dress!
I didn't hem them, since I kinda liked the uneven shirt hem already.
And the flower on the top is the collar cut off the original shirt.  
I did change the straps on the back and just stitched the straps on because it was getting late and I need to get the kiddos fed, I wanted a cleaner look.
For anyone who sews a bit, this is a great site, and I've used several of her tutorials.  I especially like the tutorial section on "re-purposing."
Throw in a "Tweezer" or two, (or Twizzlers for those of you who don't understand Tess-speak) so the girls hold still and allow me to take some pics... and oh my goodness, how yummy are my little girls!
Can you believe how long her hair is getting?
LOVE this last image!  Oh my sweet girl so serious at times.  
Those little bow-tie lips kill me!


  1. I LOVE Pinterest and I LOVE that you made these!!! :) Gorgeous!

  2. Oh that is so cute. Now I need to head to my hubby's side of the closet and see what I can find to cut up!

  3. The dresses are darling, and so are the girls!

    We love tweezers over here too. ;)

  4. These shirt dresses are so great! I love them! You did a great job and your models look fabulous in them!

  5. Oh, my goodness...little tiny mimi is so adorable how do you stand it?!!

  6. Adorable! And so many fabulous ideas on that site. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I so envy that you can sew! I am so incredibly hopeless with anything more than a needle and thread. I've tried. Many many times.

    However, I'm a pretty impressive cook and pastry chef, I've got two green thumbs, and I happily paint my days away.

    I was just thinking the other day about these "bucket lists" or "summer lists" that everyone is making and I'd love to add sewing (again) and photography to it. I've got a sweet camera, but while trying to learn how to use it I got intimidated by all the terms I didn't understand so I packed it up and it's in the top of the closet.

    Next week I will be held prisoner in a hospital 50 miles from my family undergoing yet another videoed EEG while they try to capture a seizure on film. I must stay in bed 98% of the time and I have a "sitter" with me I'm having a hard time packing my "project" bag. Photography book? Art journal? Laptop?

  8. That is such a cute idea. Love the pics!

  9. That is soooo flippin' cool. Really, I think you need to do weekend / week long workshops on all the amazing stuff you do!!!

  10. Good job! Your girls are gorgeous! And the photos are amazing! Don't you love summertime!?


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