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Monday, June 11, 2012


There are some foods and recipes that I only make in the summer.
And of these, it is 100% guaranteed that I will make then in the summer without fail!  Come Memorial Day weekend, I start craving a small list of food of like a pregnant lady,  Yes, there's a little drooling that goes on too, and it's all a bit Pavlovian.  And I'm OK with that.  I like German Shepards after all.
(Anyone still following me after that Psychology 101 reference?)
Along with Sunny's bruschetta, my Grandmother's, Mimi's, crab pasta salad, buttermilk fried chicken... I eat radishes.  Yep, I said radishes.  Not one. single. time. September through May do I touch the things.  But come June, I buy, prepare, and eat radishes like potato chips.
I slice them up thin, put them in a bowl of ice, then add salt.  Kosher or sea salt if I have it.  Then the ice starts to melt and the magic happens... the radish slices become cold crispy salty heavenly yumminessosity!
Maybe I love them so because they're crisp.  And cool.  And spicy.  And cheap! And maybe because most of our kiddos won't touch radishes, and I don't have to hide in the closet in the dark to sneak eat them, like they are a sleeve of Oreos...  not that I would do that.  I mean who would do such a thing?
And aren't they pretty!

I like to eat pretty things.

That's weird.


  1. I love radishes. So yummy, either in a salad or just plain straight.

    I also love rhubarb.

  2. Andrea-How do you eat rhubarb? Seriously. How do you prepare it? I've only had it in pies and jams.

  3. Lovely pictures....beautiful food.....but I'd rather join you in the dark closet with the sleeve of oreos...or in my house in my closet with a bag if Hershey kisses:)

  4. Radishes are never appealing to me, but I like pretty food, and I too have a list of summer foods that take over my every thought with just as much vigor as pregnancy cravings!
    Lemonade, strawberries wish sour cream and brown sugar, salads, cucumbers iced with salt, watermelon.

  5. This sounds great! I actually like radishes too! Yes, they look yummy!

  6. I've never tried this but you can bet I will now. Looks yummy!

  7. If you like crispy cold radishes, you have to try radish sandwiches. Fresh soft bread with butter/margarine slathered on it, then slice the cold, crisp radishes and lay them on the bread - salt and pepper to taste - and yum! :D

  8. Nancy,
    You are hilarious.
    I would do "such a thing" ducking QUICKLY into my room and hiding away to eat the last cookie!
    I've not tried radishes for a long time...might just try them again.

  9. Going out to sew more radish seeds...


  10. Normally I don't eat radishes but it actually sounds good sliced thin with salt...may have to try :)



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