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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Patch on going up

My oldest child of the y-chromosome variety, 13-year-old Patch, is training for a hike in late July.  A hike of the 7 day variety, 52 miles, to the top of Mnt. Whitney, the highest peak in the lower 48.

All hail Boy Scouts of America!  Really, I am in love with boy scouts for the opportunities they afford him.  He'll be the youngest in his troop on this hike, so we've been taking him to the local ski resort, loading his back pack with 10-20-25 pounds and letting him hike UP the mountain to train.  Lazy Papa and me take the chairlift up and meet him at the top.  There is no way we could ever keep up with him.
And taking 3 toddlers up a chair lift is crazy enough.

At 10,000', Patch climbs the 2,000 vertical feet in just over an hour.  I'd guess it's between 1-2 miles, so it's not a long hike.  But at that elevation, and with that incline, I am amazed at his stamina and endurance.  He hiked the Grand Canyon, up and down in 2 days last year, so even though I a bit concerned for this big hike, I think he'll do just fine.  I think.

Instagram photos, that I don't dare post any larger than this, are as good as it gets.   Wasn't lugging my new baby up the mountain, as I needed all my hands to man-handle the youngens.


  1. HA! Picture of M is classic - hanging in the Ergo with a dum dum. Love!

  2. Carrie-
    I was SO hoping that the dumdum would appease her going up. Nope. They've lost their magic power. She was a squirmy mess going up, the worst of the 3. I was SOOOO glad for the Ergo!
    All mamas going to China---bring dumdums.

  3. That is so exciting!! And you are so brave and strong, going up a mountain with three toddlers. ;)

    I adore the white trees pic. And the ones with the kids, and the last one with you and Mimi.

  4. Oh my gosh, what a great opportunity for him! It's great you are helping him train! I'm sure he is going to do well! I'm sure he'll love it too! Very cool!

  5. Oh, wow, I remember my days in the BSA... The campouts... the hikes... capture the flag in a mountain meadow at sunset... setting up the newbies on Snipe hunts (or having them ask park rangers for a left-handed smoke shifter)... raiding the nearby GSA cam- er, yeah those were the days. :-)

    Patch is certainly doing the right thing with his physical prep work, kudos to him -- and to you, for heading up a mountain via any means with three toddlers!

    I especially like the photo of the airborne sneakers... but... hey... are those both left feet...?!?

  6. I hope his training goes well!

    I don't blame you for not wanting to drag your big girlie camera while chasing after the littles. I think you did a fabulous job capturing the moment with your phone. Yay!


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