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Saturday, June 30, 2012

I was a yeller and a screamer

So we {had} to drive down the mountain to the stinkin' hot desert for a couple days.  It couldn't be avoided.
Did I mention that we're knee deep in the "driver's permit" season with Livy?  Oh yes we are.  Knee deep into wearing a hole in the place where the brake should be on passenger's floor board.  Knee deep into pretending that gasp was really a yawn.
Knee deep into an average 3-4 tries to park the the car in a public parking lot while simultaneously holding my breath through each attempt.
Knee deep into re-accessing our life insurance policies.
Second time around the parental obligation of walking my child through this right of passage, and I will say that I think... I think... just maybe... I'm better at it this time around.
Hands firmly in control at 2 and 10 o'clock!
I will sadly admit, that when Sunny was learning to drive, I was a yeller.  And a screamer.  Really loud too!  In my own defense, I was really flippin' scared for my life when we were teaching her how to drive!   I had every intention of being the calm and cool parent, sitting in the passenger seat and encouragingly saying things like, Don't forget, left right left, dear.  And Don't get in the blind spot of that semi truck.  Instead I was white-knuckled, shielded-my-eyes-from-the-inevitable-collision terrified!  Yes, I will admit now that at some point while teaching Sunny to drive, I actually discovered it somewhat quelled my fear to occasionally cover my eyes while she was driving!  Great teaching technique, hu?  So proud of that one!  I found myself screaming things like, Oh dear Lord, let us all be wearing underwear!  And Please little girl, jump back farther from the side of the street!  And I found myself considering the feasibility of jumping over the center console, sitting in her lap, and taking control of the car.
Seat belt secure!
This time around, it's most likely Livy's natural good driving skills.  She's one that inherently prone to err on the side of caution... God love her!  But I can't help but dream that maybe, just perhaps, not only am I a better driver's ed teacher, but more also better able to remain calm during life-threatening stressful situations?  
An iced latte?  No hands on the wheel?
'Cause remaining calm sends a better message, right?  
And allows her to hear her own thoughts?  
And allows me to tell her what to do in a manner where she can actually understand what I'm saying?
Perhaps my experiences teaching Sunny to drive, has given me wisdom?
Text messaging while driving?  Oh no!
Ya, it's likely just because Livy's just a naturally good driver.  
And in my advanced maternal age I don't want to spike my blood pressure.
OK, truth be told, she wasn't driving in any of those photos.
We had to stop for construction for about 30 min.


  1. You know I needed a chuckle, right? ;)

    Had flashbacks to my own gramma (yep, she did most of the teaching) teaching me to drive...I was cautious like Livy...or so I thought because I'm sure my gramma could sympathize with you teaching Sunny!

    Thanks for making me smile.

  2. We are knee deep in it too. Thanks for the reminder to TRY and remain calm. This is our first time so sometimes the screamer comes out in me.

  3. As scary as it sounds, what an exciting time too! Right? I actually wouldn't know, my little one is just turning 2. I can't believe that someday she'll be learning to drive a car! CRAZY!

  4. I'm laughing...while having a panic attack. : )

  5. Love this post! I have been taught two to drive so far and they will probably tell you it was the worst part of the teenage years. I did NOT handle it well. I still have two more at home that are quickly approaching that same time. Good thing there's Xanax :-)

  6. It's not correct to drive with hands at ten and two anymore.

  7. oh my goodness, that was so me and Allie!! I truly was scared for my life and did not ride with her again for at least 2 years after she got her license!! By the time I taught Gardner, I remember thinking " oh this is what my friends had experienced, no wonder they kept saying,'oh she'll be fine'", they had never driven with Allie!!! hahaha!
    Glad it is going well this time around for you:)

  8. I think I would have crashed from laughing so hard if you had been in the car with me! Too funny!

    I think I was a better driver because I remember paying attention a lot as a kid when my parents drove, and in the late 70's early 80's, we were allowed to drive the boat on the lake, as well as farm vehicles and golf when the time came to actually GET our DL, it was a breeze and my parents really didn't worry too much about any of us because we knew what we were doing.

    In Texas at 14 we could get a "hardship" license. If a kid happened to be caught by the local sheriff in their daddy's car at 2am at Hippie Hollow at Lake Travis and that sheriff knew that kids daddy very well... and there was maybe a little beer in the back seat along with a few boys...well, maybe that sheriff would just have that kid follow him to the closest pay phone and call that kids daddy to come get him. Ahem. I wouldn't have any direct knowledge of that or anything. I just heard that kind of thing happened. A lot. Hi Sheriff Drummond!

    I like it when I hear Lilly add her two cents from the back seat when we are driving. Of course, I don't like it when she uses her fathers language regarding other drivers...but she is well aware of the "laws of the road" and she's just starting the 5th grade!


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