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Friday, June 1, 2012

The Divine Miss M

3 months in our family, and I still can't soak her in enough.
She is so amazingly sweet.  So affectionate, generous with her kisses, and quick with a smile.  She lights up with attention.  Her attachment has gone so much better than we could have ever hoped.
She has an amazing attention span and will attend to a task for over 30 min, even alone.

Miss Independence doesn't like to be carried when we are out and about, but she loves to hold hands.  And she always keeps an eye on where I am, glancing regularly to make sure I'm still there watching her.
Since the very first day we've had her, she has slept quite soundly, a solid 8-10 hours every single night.  But since we relocated to Little Cabin in the Woods for the summer, she's had a tiny little set back.   Nothing awful, but several times a night a night she wakes up very angry.  Screeching "NO!" repeatedly at the top of her lungs to someone... something...  It usually lasts less than a minute and my hand touching her or voice can usually soothe her.  I'm not sure she's really even awake when it happens.
Last week in the wee hours of the morning, she became quite upset that I had blankets on me.  She tried to tear them off me for the better part of 5 minutes.  Which I would have gladly obliged her if it wasn't really chilly.
Last night at 11pm, the only thing that would soothe her was Pleasant Goat.  Ya, I said Pleasant Goat.  This Pleasant Goat to be exact.  And after 10-ish minutes of a very angry child, the instant she heard it, she relaxed, closed her eyes, and quickly fell back to sleep.
Me thinks we're dealing with China transition issues still.
Poor baby girl. My kingdom to take away her fear.

Her picky eating is getting a little bit better all the time.  She's slowly trying new foods and expanding what she will eat.  Still no milk, but I think we may have some dairy issues.
Goodness she is just a delight.  So so charming.    I am awed that God has placed her in my care.
I'm her mama.
She's my daughter.
I feel like the luckiest mama in the world!
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  1. Nancy,
    I am so excited about your Photography Posts. Haven't even read the one you just posted yet, but excited to do so. Your photos are simply gorgeous. I recently bought my first "big-girl camera" :) and am having a blast with it but after reading lots of articles and trying lots of things, I am already frustrated by my lack of ability to get the background blur I desire on certain shots as my aperture only opens up to f4.5 (its a canon T3). Perhaps you could write about that.
    Oh, and Mazie is absolutely adorable!!!!

  2. Your photo's are gorgeous and your daughter is gorgeous and your words are beautiful you were obviously meant for each other. Thank you for linking up sweetie I love your blog x x

  3. Oh what beautiful shots! I am in love with your daughter!! (please don't think I'm a creepy lady) Have a fun weekend.

  4. I can't get enough of her. She's so precious. Love her chubby cheeks, big eyes, and cute little hands.

    And love the light in these images. Beautiful!

  5. those are beautiful photos! How did you light her face up enough with all that back lighting? She is precious.

  6. Pleasant Goat works for us too! I had to sing my totally fake words to the theme song about a thousand times after my son's surgery while we were trying to get him to eat again. He also HATES it when I have covers on at night, but doesn't care if my husband does. He also has night terrors that sometimes respond to me being there, but sometimes rage on in his sleep for hours. He's so happy and sweet, but the fear is in there, down deep.


  7. sweet as can be. so glad attachment is on a good path. what fun!

  8. Well you've done gone and thrown me off here. I was going to comment on the backlighting and the gorgeous light in these, and then I saw that last image and it's the cutest dang thing I have ever seen. I can't think straight now! So happy that attachment is going well with Miss M.

  9. I remember your first days as a family together and it makes me so happy to see and hear this post. She is beautiful (as are all your children) and I love watching her bloom with her family's love and look forward to continuing to watch her continue to blossom!

  10. oh my the expression in the last photo is devine! What a little cutie.

  11. Simply beautiful! And the English lyrics to the pleasant goat song crack me up!!

  12. Mimi is so beautiful and so precious. She just exudes a sweet spirit. I am glad the attachment is going well. Your photos are gorgeous too.

  13. She is a precious living doll. You can see her sweet spirit shining through her pictures!

  14. Hi. Love your pics. What happened to your recent Photography 101 Post? I was reading it in my google reader.

  15. Omg omg omg. She is a little angel. She is perfect. Sweet and delicate. <3

  16. I love LOVE your blog, your pics! Beautiful children! And Mimi is a delight :)
    // Monika


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