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Monday, June 25, 2012

100 days

As of this very day, today, Mimi has been home exactly 100 days.
At this point I think I'm suppose to talk about how it feels like she has always been ours and a part of our family.
And it does feel like that.
And sometimes at the very same time, it doesn't.
At this point I think I'm suppose to talk about how these 100 days have zoomed by so quickly and how it couldn't possibly be that long?
And it feels like that.
And sometimes it doesn't.

In these 100 days, we've gotten to know so much about her.   Like how she bounces in a room.  How one eye opens a tiny bit less than the other.  How she wakes at night still so scared.  How she doesn't shy away from spicy foods.  She and Jude have the same gorgeous almond eyes.  She is so very tenacious just like Livy was as a toddler.
But sometimes I look at the broadness of Mimi's shoulders and her teeny tiny waist and hips, and it doesn't look similar to anyone else in our family.
Or they way she adores eating salad.  None of my other kids did that.  

And I wonder, where did that come from?  Did her first mom have broad shoulders?  Did her first dad like salad?
She has this little absolutely adorable birthmark on her thigh.  And I can't help but wonder, is that genetic?
In the world of international adoption, some questions, a lot of questions, can never be answered.

But sometimes I still wonder.

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  1. This is such a sweet post! She is so flippin' adorable! Love these pics of her!

  2. Awww, what a sweeeetie! Wonderful captures! =)

  3. She is darling! Congratulations on 100 days... that's something to celebrate :) And I might have missed something, but when did you change her name to Mimi?

  4. Good morning - love the "100 day post" - kind of a tradition? But ya know - I liked this one better than most - because yeah, what you said - it's honest ya know? It "is" like they've always been here (love to hear those words) - but it's also like they haven't because - well they haven't. There will always be that "wonder" and "those conversations about their past" - and we'll always cherish them (the kids and those conversations!)!

    hugs - great joy for y'all -

    aus and co.


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