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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday {Because he didn't want me to have to cook on a school night}

PS-For those that made it through the crappy Instagram pics to the end,
Operations Sell-everything-not-anchored-down-on-Ebay is in full swing.  I was serious about that.  When the auctions close on Sunday, IF everyone pays, I should have enough to get my Mark II.  Which is good because my phone pics are really just not hacking it.  
Really missed it at our impromptu picnic.  


  1. Nancy - what you consider your worst photos are 100x better than what I consider my best photos. :D How are things going with Mazie? I hope you all are settling in. All these children react differently to their new homes - there is no rhyme or reason I don't think. All your photos are beautiful as well your family.

  2. Hi Nancy!
    I'm Laura, which had sponsored Wan Wen.
    When you enter the blog, I realized that I had already gone through here. I had already visited your blog before. I remember the face of Tess and Jude. That coincidences in life!

    Hola Nancy!

    Soy Laura, la que tenia a Wan Wen apadrinada.
    Cuando entre en el blog, me di cuenta de que yo ya habia pasado por aqui. Yo ya habia visitado tu blog con anterioridad. Recuerdo la cara de Tess y Jude. Que casualidades de la vida!!!

  3. Morning Nancy - I was going to say - not bad for a cell phone - you really did capture a lot of the "moment" (all be it thru blue and haze!!) Good luck with the sales!! And are you sure you don't want to jump to Nikons? ;)

    hugs - aus and co.

  4. Aus-No chance of switching to Nikon. None. Not that I think Canon is better than Nikon or visa versa. But I know the basic layout since my first Canon was when I was 18 years old. I'm too old a dog to learn new tricks now.

  5. Laura-What a coincidence that you had seen the blog before! Thank you so so much for being her sponsor!

  6. Nancy, did you order the Mark II? I hope so!

  7. Nancy, did you order the Mark II? I hope so!


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