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Monday, May 7, 2012

little sister, big sister

 So one of the questions we're getting frequently these days is how is Tess handling being a big sister?
The short answer is fabulously!

We had mentally prepared ourselves to have a battle on our hands. And although Jude is still Tess's primary playmate, (and accomplice in all things related to destruction or Sharpie markers) she is embracing her role as big sister!  Mimi follows Tess around, and Tess lets her.  We encourage Tess to share, and by encourage I mean that there are often several teachable moments per day that we hear screeching and use the opportunity to train up the way of a child.  And if I'm attentive I often catch her teaching Mimi something new, like how to do a somersault, or how to put 34 silly bands around one's wrist, or pour all the salt out of the shaker, or hide scrambled eggs in her cup of milk.  
Tess is often praised for helping her baby sister put her shoes on, or fetching her jammies.  These two sisters them have bath buddies, and the sound of them giggling as the poured water on each other's heads this evening was music to this mama's ears. Tess is honestly enjoying being both a big sister and a little sister. 

And Jude?  Well, when he's not hanging out with Tess or sneaking video games, he's far too busy being enamored with his big brothers, copying them, following them, and asking them a zillion annoying questions to be concerned with a new little sister.  He knows Mimi's here.  He hugs her, kisses her, and willingly helps out when asked, but the big boys are where it's at for Jude. 

Almost a year ago, I said I wasn't going to spend a lot of time talking about Tess's struggles anymore.  And I'm still not... in part because almost 4 years later, there's not a whole lot to talk about anymore.  But I will say, that having a new baby home has immensely helped me not focus all my attention and worry about one amazingly stunning, 4-year-old, beauty!

A few more pics before my old friend died.  Metering issues aside, I had to try.
I'm entering the final image of my sweetie in The Paper Mama's Photo Challenge


  1. That big sister is one seriously, scarily stunning and amazing girl!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I was curious too how Tess was doing. It seems maybe what she needed was a little person to 'guide' in all things sisterly :)

    And I love the new nickname, Mimi is so cute!

  3. So happy to hear that she's doing better than expected.

    She's one gorgeous, little girl.

  4. What a beauty!! Those eyes and those lips!!!!!! <3

    Her pretty face looks so grown up in these pics. Not a baby anymore, but a very VERY beautiful little lady.

    I think it's fantastic that she has the chance to be a big sister, to teach and show things to her little sister. I bet it will do wonders for her self confidence. ;)

  5. P.S. And you nicknamed the little munchkin MIMI?! That is SO. CUTE. <3

  6. Beautiful pics - and it sounds like things are progressing pretty much on track! It's always "difficult" to grow a family!! Nice work y'all!

    hugs - aus and co.

  7. Oh my goodness! She is absolutely gorgeous! So glad it is going well! We don't have the same issues, but I am a little worried about my 3 year old's adjustment to being a big sister. Waving at each other on Skype isn't quite the same as living together :)

  8. That is so wonderful!! I just love hearing about your kids :)

  9. Yeah for Tess! I am so glad she is handling it so well. You have great kids!

  10. Oops! Didn't realize my husband's gmail was signed-in! Not sure if my comment went through under his account. Anyway, just wanted to say beautiful as always! You can delete the comment under his account! Thanks, Cindy


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