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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hi. My name is Nancy, and I'm a cranky hot mess.

Anyone else out there done?  Like fried and DONE with May?  Ready for school to end and summer to officially start?
Then throw in some guilt for being in a bad mood when good golly I am so amazingly blessed!  Ya, I know it's wrong.  But it just is.
Jiminey Cricket, I am cranky!

So I was thinking a little gripe session might be in order!  Please feel free to play along.

---I'm done studying for 3rd grade spelling tests.
---I'm done with middle school bullying issues.
---I'm done with miscellaneous Lego's underfoot when I get up to use the bathroom at night.
---I'm done with the hyper-pollination of the tree just out my front door.
---I'm tired of breakfast, lunch, and dinner and starting the whole cycle again tomorrow morning.  And the day after.  And the day after that...
---I'm tired of chrome-bumpered Humscilades double parking in the first space of the little league parking lot.   (A Humscilade is any over-sized, luxury-class SUV, usually with a bedazzled license plate holder, extremely svelte blond bronzed woman clad in a spandex tennis skirt, and 1 grade-school aged child sitting in it, justifying it's extreme size.  A cross between a Hummer and an Escalade.)
---I'm tired of the PTO bickering and gossiping as an example for our children.
---I'm tired of adults blatantly breaking traffic laws in the carpool lanes at school.
---I'm tired of anorexic images of 14-year-old girls flooding my teenagers neural pathways.
---I'm tired of the price of gas going up.
---And I'm kinda done with my own crappy attitude too.

I'm getting it out there, giving it up to God, and moving on!

So what's bugging you these days?  Feel free to to gripe away.


  1. oh hey i can play this game! :D
    i'm tired of school, the inhumane amount of homework, tests, and quizzes that are being jammed upon as the school year comes to a close. I'm tired of the girls at my skool bickering about how had this guy and making up nasty rumors about other girls. i'm tired of having to come home go straight to homework, studying, ect, until 11 o clock every night then repeating it over and over just to get ready for finals. I'm tired of a cranky 5th grade girl who cant get her butt out of bed when i wake her up, as it then turns into battle of the voices to get her up and ready. i cant wait for it just to be summer so i can lounge around (when i'm not working) and go to the pool, and get an lovely tan, and not have to worry about anything school related at all! i think that's it (: lol

  2. Kjbikakis--Trying to get kids up to go to school? Oh I hear you sister! Amen! I hope your summer starts soon. Ours starts earlier than most, in just 2 weeks!

  3. We've got 5 weeks left of school. 5 more weeks of waiting outside for the bus and I'm sure plenty of those days will consist of today. And speaking of rain...I am SO done with taking this puppy outside every 1-2 hours and waking in the night with her and getting up at 4:15 every morning to feed her. And that reminds me... I'm tired of worrying about G and going to doctors because of migraines, dizziness, blacking out, vomitting, and WHY on EARTH does it take a YEAR to get into a neurologist in NJ?!?!?!? Especially when my kid is suffering and we don't know why?! That's just stupid {for lack of a better word}.

  4. As wonderful as it is to have a potty trained child. I am tired of taking a little girl potty 20 times a day. I tired of people making the statement that it is so good that she is adopted this young because she won't remember anything before she was adopted! I am tired of trying to take my child to the class he takes at the high school and trying to keep a 2 year old awake so she will take her afternoon nap. I am tired fighting kids to get their school work done.(I home school)I am done with trying to work with a child on a new math concept and a little girl mad because she is not getting any attention. Im tired of my husband going crazy trying to get more stuff done than is needed to have an open house for my son who is graduating. I am done with people who refuse to allow other people to make choices for a graduation ceremony because it would offend them. (ie. want hymns and piano music only nothing contempory) I am done with the kids not given the chance to choose music for graduation. Really whose graduation is this the parents or the graduates?!
    Ok! Thanks! That felt good!!

  5. Oh girl I was so there about 3 weeks ago and I feel so much better, the monotony of EVERY DAY PROBLEMS ugggggg! Hope you feel better soon!!!!

  6. Hear, hear! Can't wait for summer myself! Honestly tho, I often wonder WHAT God was thinking when he made kids that need to be fed SO OFTEN!!! REALLY??? Couldn't He have been more into time management and made one meal last all day? There is proof that God is a man LOL! hang in there!

  7. Ann- I am WITH about the food! throw in regular snacks and it's continual grazing ALL. DAY. LONG! I'm all for some 24 hour energy pill and be done with it! Less dishes to wash and put away that way too. Did I mention my dish washer has been broken for a couple years? Ya. Done with that too.

  8. Wait... I wanna add to my own list!
    How 'bout auto correct? I'm sick of auto correct too! Misses the most obvious corrections but insists on changing words to random other words at the worst time!

  9. I'm very cranky too! Why do they have to wait until the last few weeks of school to pile everything on at once?!?!? I'm tired of going to bed late and waking up early! Ha Ha! Hope everyone has a great week!

  10. Oh I can play this game!

    I'm TIRED of waiting for my LOA! (day 76 today) I want to go get my son already!
    I'm tired of dealing with landlord issues and want to move already, but can't do that until LOA comes and adoption is final.
    I miss my family and friends terribly and am ready to return to the USA for a visit (first in 3 years). But can't do that until LOA comes (followed by the rest of the paperwork) and we have our son.
    Basically I'm impatient and the type A planner that I am is growing SO weary of the waiting.

    Ok...thanks for letting me play. :) I'll go and try to find my good & patient attitude now.

  11. I feel your pain - and it's pretty cathartic to have a 'session'!!

    What get's me is the schools - we had whole evenings free in March and April - but May? Our schedule looks more like a WW II battle plan than a schedule. The one night we have nothing to do between now and the 30th is tonight - literally something!

    So glad school is out on the 6th!

    hugs - aus and co.

  12. Love the Humscilade point! :)

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing about your sweet baby. We have only been home 2 weeks but she is going through some of the same things...fighting sleep, yelling when she gets frustrated, but as sweet and quiet as can be when she's happy. I also noticed her name has them both so you can't go wrong. :)

  13. This is so funny, because I really needed something like this here it goes...
    - I am tired of not being respected as an elementary teacher because I teach elementary Special Education and I don't have a "homeroom" class. I teach K-5 all DAY, I have 16 different groupings of students that need specialized instruction my classroom. Just because I don't have one "class" all flippin' day doesn't mean I don't work any less than the elementary teachers.
    - I am tired of the paperwork, grades, lesson plans, report cards, IEPs, eligibility reports, testing, progress monitoring, computerized state tests, grading, IEP progress reports, pay for performance talk, meetings, meetings and more meetings.
    - I am tired of feeling all alone and being so far away from my family and my friends
    - I am tired of the cranky 4 and 1/2 year old screaming, crying and fit throwing daughter and want my sweet, sweet, sweet little girl back...
    - I am tired of cancer and the pain and sadness it brings
    - I am tired of low testosterone and emotionalism it brings
    - I am tired of being an emotional eater (today was a two doughnut morning)...
    - I am tired
    As I write this I feel so very guilty because compared to others I have it easy...but just for now it felt good to get it out...Thanks, Nancy.

  14. Your explanation of the humscilade has me cracking up!!

    Love it!

    I am tired of school. I am ready for my kids to all be home beside me all summer.
    I am tired of insurance crap. What kind of insurance does not pay for one single sonogram during a whole pregnancy??
    I am tired of family issues.
    I am tired of pee on the beds.
    I am tired of the hum-drum of getting daily chores done to wake up and feel like not enough ever got done.

  15. Oh i hear you and if i would of post that, I would of been the talk of the town, glad you could present what we all feel! Today i got all the wash done and put away and wow do i feel accomplish....How do you do it? Can yo share any secrets to housework and craziness and rountine and schedules and so on....
    happy soon to be no alarms and easier time

  16. Donna--How to do it? Hmmmmmmmm... Well, I think the first thing to admit is that it never all gets done. If even 1/2 gets done it's a victory. Love the suggestion for future posts. Maybe keeping up with my "tips & tricks" posts is a good idea.

    I guess that's a befenit to living in the city. I can complain about it publicly and nobody notices.

  17. Tina Michelle---What? No ultrasound at all for a pregnancy? At all? That's crazy ridiculous and would have me FUMING!

    I'm thinking we need to do a month gripe session around here!


  18. I'm good actually. Loved your gripe though. I took the month of May off and canceled everything apart from church, Bible Talk and the Bible studies that fell in the week itself (not the weekend). And now I'm recharged and ready to go. :-)


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