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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Goodbye, friend

My camera is broken.
It can no longer be nursed or babied or coaxed or bribed into working.
On the highway doing 70mph.  Not bad!
It started with shutter issues.  Every once in a while the shutter would 'stick' open.  Turn said camera off and on (Papa's universal fixing method) and the shutter would magically correct itself.
A few weeks down the road, only a fresh fully charged battery would do the trick.
Then there the metering issues started.  Started in China.  Guangzhou, while I was taking pics of an amazing little one to be specific.  They were all blown out.  All. Of. Them.  Unrepairably blown out.  At other times images were at least a couple stops too dark.  But still these metering issues didn't happen all the time.  Just now and again, and often in the middle of shooting.
Sunny giving little Miss M some kisses
Then the focusing problems were added to the list.  This problem is constant.  Auto focus works fine, but only the final image.  What I see through view finder is NOT in focus but final image is.  So as not to keep things simple, manual focus is just the opposite.  Focused tack-on to my eye in manual and the final image is blurry and awful.  I mean really?  At first I thought it was an "advanced maternal age" thing and my last modicum of dignity would be tossed out the window along with my failing vision.  But Liv's 15-year-old eyes, report the same problem.  FYI-It is not a viewfinder diopter problem.  We tried that.
Navajo sky
Then it finally happened.  The original shutter problem got bad, only 5-10 frames till freezing up.  Would need to give her a day's rest to magically fix the problem.  Then it got worse last week, 1 frame then it freezes up.  Can't do a lot with only 1 stinkin' frame and very fast uncooperative toddlers.
Tess and her favorite friend at preschool
She's done.
She's fried.
100,000+ shutter actuations later, and she's toast.  (Papa thinks it's more like 300,000.  If anyone knows how to get the actuations off a Rebel T1I please let us know.  Can't figure it out!)
I'm sad.
My outlet is gone.
I had NO idea that I was relying on it, and often, for stress relief.  {and oh my good golly is one of my kiddos, who shall remain nameless, putting us through the ringer these days!}
My papa and Liv studying a old large format camera.  She has an old Pentax around her neck.
See, it runs in the family!
What to do.
What to do.
What to do.
Jude at an end-of-the-year preschool performance
Introduce my new friend, Instagram.  I'm not sure we're gonna be bosom buddies.  But I'll laugh at her dumb jokes, and she'll humor me for now.
Late season oranges
So yes, now I'm taking all pics via my cell phone.  Hopefully, I'll have a solution to this problem very soon.  Funny, I'm composing pics differently that I'm not all consumed with fancy schmany photography stuff like focus and light.
The saguaros are in full bloom in these parts!
And I'm going through the house like a mad woman, ripping rare and valuable art work from the walls and selling them on Craig's List or Ebay to either
1) fix my beloved old friend
2) upgrade to a Canon 5D Mark II.    (Hang on a minute while I wipe the spittle off my keyboard)
Livy at her concert performance.
Cell phone cameras even work in the dark!
I've been saving for the last year+.  But now that I've lost my best friend entirely, I've kicked Operation Sell Anything That's Not Anchored Down into high gear.
Does is get cuter than baby belly buttons?
 'Cause Papa doesn't really need all those fishing poles after all... right?


  1. Ooooh, how sad! My goodness. I'd be one depressed mama without my Canon. :( Here's hoping you find about $2K in an old sock in your drawer!

    I'm with you though...would sell most anything, some days even the dog, for a Mark II. All the rage is the III, but me? I'd be beside myself to have the II! I shoot with a 50D now and it does well for me. But full frame? Sigh. That's the stuff dreams are made of!

    Happy selling!

  2. Oh no!! D: I hope you can find a new camera soon~ <3 i'd be devastated if my camera broke ): If your looking at new cameras, Canon 60D is a good one, its the one i have and i ADORE it!
    I also have instragram (: You should follow me so i can follow you back ^^
    instagram: kjbikakis

    God Bless you and your family! <3

  3. Cam-Precisely why I'm thinking of the Mark II. With the Mark III coming out, I'm hoping there will be some good refurbished Mark IIs available. Fingers crossed!

  4. I am sorry for your loss:(
    I have a canon 50d that I loved but have upgrades if interested!!!! I would not buy the 60d as if you do the reviews it just is not a good camera!!! The 7D is better & more features than mark 5d!!!!
    YouTube it!

    Here is link if you want to see what 50D are going for used!!!
    I will included shipping & do u need a lens? I just wanted to throw the option out there if u were looking! Happy time w instagram, one of my fav apps:-)
    Hugs Donna

  5. Oops I forgot to say i have the vertical power-grip on it too!!!

  6. Hi Donna! Thank you for the offer. But I'm pretty committed to a 5D either II or III. I figure if I'm gonna spend that kind of money, I might as well go full frame on the camera I actually want. Not to keep selling stuff for the $!
    Thank you!

  7. D II. Just do it. It feels really weird to shoot full frame and makes me want more lenses, but save away honey. And just get it. Says the girl who lost her 40D to a slow death in the Cayman Islands and bought the 5D the next day. I didn't want the price tag of the III, so I was fine with it.

  8. You won't regret it!

    When I wanted to upgrade my Nikon D90, I knew that, if I was going to spend that kind of money, I wanted full frame. I bought a D700 and haven't regretted it a single minute! Hope you find a well priced one, either II or III!

  9. Oh Nancy I am so sorry! I cannot imagine not having my 5DMkII! I am actually looking forward to upgrading to the MkIII, but I just don't have a reason to. My MkII is almost 3 years old and still going strong. It's my sidekick paired up with my 24-70L. The MkII has better low-light capabilities versus the 7D or 50D, as well as being full frame. It's just a better camera, you are definitely making the right choice! You surely will NOT regret the purchase! Now go sell more stuff so I can see more of your gorgeous work!

  10. Nicole- So good to hear a great review of low light shots. The noise on my Rebel is Horrible in LL. Can't really go over 800 and even that's pushing it.

  11. Nancy-
    Sorry to hear about the loss of your camera-friend. When I read the part about only being able to take one shot per day it reminded me of this story (and the associated book). Jim Brandenburg is a photographer from Minnesota who has worked extensively with National Geographic. In 1998 he published a series of photographs that he took over 90 days - he allowed himself only one snap of the shutter each day. The result was remarkable! If you go to his website, click on "View Gallery" and then select "Chased by the Light" you can see all 90 photos.

  12. Oh that is very, very sad :( But at least it limped through China! (I'm not really reading blogs right now, but had to click over to see who you had lost :( ) I hope you can get a new camera quickly!

    Here's an article on how to find the camera permutations for the different cameras. Last time I checked myself I was over 70,000 and that was a few months ago. I'm still working on getting the shot right the first time :)

    You'll have to figure out how to do it for Cannon...I'm a Nikon gal myself :)


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