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Saturday, May 12, 2012

7 Days {nap time}

Submitting the this shot for Sunday Snapshot.  
The particulars?  Hmmmmm...
Cell phone shot with Instagram.  That's all there is!

Ni Hao Yall

As y'all know, I'm without my SLR still.  And left with my camera phone and might as well try to grow all I can with it.  Actually, not worrying about apertures, shutter speeds, and ISOs, has been liberating in a way.  I'm finding that I am forced to be more creative.  Lately I've really been drawn to photo styles that tell more of a story rather than just create a portrait.  Photographers like AshleyAnn at Under the Sycamore and  Jessica at One Ruby Willow.  Oh I so want to do what they do and be able to capture plain ol' life in such a narrative way that seems to tell a story of who they are so beautifully!

So it was nap time and I had my phone with me.  At first I just wanted to capture the cute little flowers that Liv had put in Mimi's hair.  Not much special.  And the next day I found myself  with my phone again, and I liked seeing the progression of the two days of pics together.  I decided to keep taking pics the next several days at nap time.  In the end I had 7 days of photos that I really think gave much more of a tiny slice of our life.  It's nothing special.  But in the details, it's who we are and how we live.  And that's always what I've always most wanted to capture in my photographs.  I did crop and edit all the pics in the same way to make them more cohesive.  I think it forced me to work on narrative photography.  

So here's naptime.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

So did you see my unmade bed?  If the blanket is pulled up, I pretty much consider it a victory these days.  I loved seeing what she wore day by day.  And the blanket on the end of her bed that has now successfully made it through 7 children!  Is there anything cuter than baby belly buttons?  I think not!  On the pig shot, I really just wanted to see what kind of depth of focus my phone/camera was capable of, so I used the pig she fell asleep with.  And there is the side car that saved my sanity and my marriage!  Mimi goes freely between our bed and her side-car all night.  I really do need to pull back more often.  Even if it does show the messes.

I loved loved loved that I was forced to be more creative as time went by.  Some days getting up high and others down low.  Or something that I don't do enough of, pulling back and getting a wider shot.  Even with my plain ol' phone and Instagram, I really loved the results and especially appreciated that I had different ideas of how to shoot the same subject matter over and over with new angles and perspective.  I really think practicing this will help me be a better photographer.  And I know that this is the kind of images that I would have LOVED to see from when I was growing up.  So I am totally going to do it again.  I was thinking that my next subject matter would be what I was wearing every day that week, but quickly realized that y'all would figure out that I wear the SAME holey black yoga pants nearly every single day!  So maybe not.  So maybe it should just be what Sunny wears every day for a week?  Or maybe the family dinner table each night?  Hmmmmmm.  So many possibilities!

Anyone want to join me in capturing 7 days of plain ol' life?  Or maybe just 5?  Could you even swing 3?
Might be fun to have a link up and share.


  1. I'd love to follow you on instagram! I don't take advantage of it as much as I should, but I'm trying. Sometimes lugging the big camera around is just too much hassle (+ the editing that it requires, cause I'm never happy with the SOOC). But I do understand the failing to pull back & get wide shots. I'm always so embarrassed by our messy house, that I tend to just get in real close. But it is real life! It's something I need to work on - as well as trying to get into the picture myself. :)

  2. Oh Nancy, I can relate, sista!

    Although my big, bulky camera is still working fine, I have found myself actually trying to use my iPhone more! Why? The very same reasons you shared! It forces me to be creative....ack. Something I've been trying to work on...but my iPhone FORCES me to do it.

    Pulling back? Yep. Guilty. This is something I've already started working on, too. 'Cause although my kids are cute and adorable, only I know where I took the shot! lol.

    So I'm pulling back with ya....oh, have you seen our messy school table? It made it's debut on my blog last week, and it won't be the last time it's showing its face.

    I soooo understand your desire to just capture it unfolds. Life. What it is. It's where I'm at these days.

    7 days sounds like an awful lot...but I'm up for the challenge! Count me in!

  3. Eva--- You are counted IN, girlfriend! Maybe an option will be to just do 5. Or even just 3 days if that's all you can swing. I would LOVE to see what others come up with! Helps inspire me too!

  4. Love, love, love the belly button. What absolutely sweet photos.

  5. I love these pictures. These kind of pictures are my absolute favorite! I think you did a very good job telling the story! : )

  6. Nancy,

    I instantly thought that I would love to do 7 days of taking pictures of my kids eating. You know how most mom's love their children's hands or feet, or for you...belly buttons. I love to watch my kids chew! ODD! I know! My oldest son has what I have deemed as the "cutie chew". My younger son has oral motor delay, so I am fascinated in how he chews. Will see if I can pull anything off next week. Liz

  7. Liz-
    YEA that you want to do it too! I think it's totally ok to skip days too if need be, (and make 'em up at the end if you want?) I did with the nap shots because I had too. Some days my schedule just didn't allow it.
    Oh I'd better get working a a new set too! I'm so excited to do it again, especially now that I'll have a couple more folks joining me!

  8. I'm game-- something has to force me to get to my blog. ;^) And I have plenty of mess around here I could showcase.

  9. I'm up for a 7,5,3 days of life picture post! That sounds like fun (and all I have time for these days!)

  10. Y'all are doing really nice work with a cell phone - who'd have thought!

    hugs - aus and co.

  11. Great shots and great idea! Love the belly button :)

  12. Oh these are amazing! Wouldn't it have been incredible to have so many photos of everyday moments from our pasts?

  13. Forgot to say that the second picture in day 5 reminds me SOOOOO much of my little L when she was a baby....the way her hair is, the shape of her head, oh my gosh. I could stare at that picture all day.

  14. Oh I really like these! That first one after #4 is so cute...such a great natural smile. Now I must go look you up on IG!


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