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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven was wonderful.
The park surrounding the Temple of Heaven, referred to as a "people's park," was WONDERFUL!
Obligatory Temple of Heaven shot
Some kind of "sing-a-long."  We ran across at least 5-6 large groups of people doing these sing-a-longs.   It was amazing listening to them sing so proudly in Chinese.
The man was playing an "Erhu," a stringed Chinese instrument played with a bow.  It sounded beautiful when he played it.  Not so much when Patch gave it a try, but I was shocked that Patch was able to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star good enough that we all could recognize it!
LOVE this boy and all his spirit!
This isn't really a pic of Patch running, It's a pic of the the folks trying to negotiate the wheel chair down the ramp.  As a family that had a someone in a wheel chair for decades, this was quite a site!  This was the only place I saw any accommodations for wheel chairs in all of China, so that part is good.  But notice that it is taking 3 people to get her down!  It looked so amazingly dangerous and I imagine quite scary for the woman in the chair too!
This it one of my favorite images of our trip!  I mean what a backdrop!  I just love the angle and amazing detail in both the temple and the stone rails on the side.  I love how they are looking out over the courtyard.  I love seeing my man and my son having an amazing moment together!
These  two were so so wonderful on our trip!  I was so proud to call them our son and daughter.   They were adventurous and flexible.  And don't tell Livy this, but I think her younger brother has finally gotten a bit taller than her!
Does Papa stick out among the other Chinese tourists?

The detail is everywhere!  These are the ends of the roof tiles.  A.Maz.Ing!
These are the people playing card and board games on the railing.  Every game had several onlookers too.  
I think these two men are playing chess, the Chinese type.  I also like this pic because of the grandpa taking care of his grandchild, so so very typical of grandparents to care for their grandchildren while the parents work.  We saw many many small children in their grandparent's care at all the parks we visited.  
He looks like Goliath!  He's buying a couple Jiànzi or Chinese hacky sacks.  He and Patch then played a bit in the park with the other Chinese folks... and got several laughs and pointing and even a few cheers from the Chinese folks that couldn't help but stop and watch them play.  Papa play a lot of hacky sack in college, (twas the late 80's after all) and I think they were amazed that he could kick it at all!
Let me tell you that Chinese women take their dancing very very seriously!  We never saw them smiling while they were doing it.  The woman in the front was the leader or probably the instructor for the group.   I adore her outfit!  leggings, boots, fringe to sway with her hips.  Also love her hands.   The form of dance that this group was doing was kinda modern.  Macarena-ish.  
Care for a sing-a-long with the accordion?
Asian tour groups were in abundance at all the big sites, compete with tour guide with a flag on a big long pole, and several folks with surgical masks.  I assume it's the way Asians like to vacation?  
Oh the kite fliers!  No children to be found here.  This was serious stuff.  The kites were WAY up in the air.  And seeing as how there wasn't even the tiniest bit of breeze in the air down on the ground, I have no idea how they got the kites in the air in the first place.  


  1. Beautiful shots and location! I don't think we'll get to go there, so it is great to see it through your eyes.

  2. These are awesome!

    I LOVE the perspective in the shot of tiny Patch at the Temple. And LOVE the kites!

  3. Lots of memories here - loved that place too!

    And on the SS - you guys are in the SW US? I'm thinking that's NM or AZ desert? Loved that area of the country, used to teach summer school at a Navajo reservation near Santa Fe in the late 70's (and then manage to get to the mountains for a little backpacking on the way home!)

    hugs - aus and co.

  4. As usual, some really great photos... and the memories y'all put into your bonnets must be absolutely fantastic. (I thoroughly embarrassed myself with a similar "hacky sack" in Guangzhou, I guess it's a national sport of sorts?) I hope Patch will always remember those truly unique moments when he was playing an erhu at the temple; that's something that almost no one else anywhere will ever be able to look back on...!

  5. Amazing photos as always! Thanks for sharing these photos and the descriptions!


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