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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sunday Snapshot {The Summer Palace in March}

Lots of catching up to do with my China pics.  But I will be the Little Engine that Could and will get them all edited and posted eventually.  
I think we traveled on the last cool week of the year.  This brisk air and cooler temperatures gave everything a different feel.  Looking back, that feeling was dreamy and magical.  
The dragon boats on Kunming Lake.
I WILL come back some day with Mimi in the spring or fall and go on the  Dragon boats!
.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .
Canon Rebel very old and very tired T1I, 24-70 zoom
Yes I hauled that 24-70 lens all around China.  It's heavy, but it's my favorite!
35mm, 100 ISO, f2.8, 1/250 sec.
I guarantee that all these settings are not only a total accident but BAD settings at that.  It was a very gloomy day.  Not sure why I had the ISO set at 100.  And why at f2.8 for a landscape shot?  Not a clue.  I plead insanity.   

The Summer Palace is a palace in Beijing, largely built in the mid-1700's as a place for royals to relax and entertain.  It later became a royal residence.  Today it is also used as a recreational park by  Chinese residents.
Here we are in the Long Corridor that runs the length of the Kunming Lake and makes for a lovely stroll even on a chilly afternoon in March.
They say there are 14,000 paintings along The Long Corridor.  When we were there, most were faded, peeling, chipping, and in very bad need of restoration, as is all of The Summer Palace.  These were two of the paintings I found there were in good enough shape to see the images.    
On top of Longevity Hill, the Tower of Buddhist Incense is the highest building in the Summer Palace.  
I think something is lost in translation here.  As was often the case.  

A very rare occasion that we saw the sun.  I think we only saw the sun twice on our trip.   This pic gives you a good idea how bad the pollution was in Beijing.  
17-Arch Bridge leading to an island.  

Ni Hao Yall


  1. You captured everything I love about China. The colors . . the architecture! Stunning shots!

  2. Such beautiful pictures!
    (And I loved your previous adoption post, too.)

  3. lovely photos...the dragon boats were my fav, but they were all my favorites.

  4. LOVE all of your China posts...can't wait to snag some of these shots myself! Hope you are resting well and catching up but if not...this too shall pass. Much love~

  5. Lovely capture of the Summer Palace. We never made it over there. So I appreciate seeing it through your eyes/lens.

    Looking forward to the rest of your China photos.

  6. Love! Especially love the black and whites of the tree/sun and the tower. Beautiful!

  7. Love the black and whites of the tree/sun and the tower, so pretty!

  8. What an amazing journey!!! So much beauty all around.

  9. Great shots! My favorite is those of the dragon boats. Truly stunning.

  10. You capture China so well. I love it.

  11. So very beautiful!! I love seeing your pictures of China.

  12. I dunno - I think that's some pretty great work, and having traveled China in November and January ourselves - I can say that the weather conditions (and pollution) play a BIG part in any exposure settings there! And yeah - I lugged a big lens too - but only the one!! ;)

    hugs - great work - aus and co.

  13. Beijing looks so different in the Winter. We traveled in July and it was hot and humid!

  14. Beautiful! Brought back so many wonderful memories as we were there in November 2009 in the midst of a week of crazy snow!


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