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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Graduating out of Early Intervention

I'm having one of those surreal mama moments.
One of those moments that I can't quite think straight and am unsure if the circumstances warrant my emotional upheaval.
(Or perhaps I really am insane after all.)
We've met with both Tess and Jude's IEP teams this week.  To discuss what next year should look like for them.  And the results are something that I never thought was a real consideration.
Something I really didn't see coming at all!
Both Jude and Tess will be starting kindergarten in the fall.

Both of them.

Are starting kindergarten.


Off to school.

To kindergarten!

5 full days per week.

My babies.

Growing up far too fast for me to keep up with.
I mean wasn't it just yesterday that we met them in the steamy hot orphanage?  Didn't they just come home?  Didn't they just last week chase one another, learning to crawl, to the end of the hallway?
Didn't they just take their first steps and speak their first words?
Wasn't it just yesterday that I rocked them to sleep?
Didn't they both just recently out grow their size 2T shorts?  (ok that hasn't even happened yet!)
Where did the time go?
How did those years pass so quickly?
Did I do enough?
Teach enough?
Pray enough?
Nevertheless, off they will go to kindergarten when school starts in August.
The more coherent mama within me, (and by coherent mama I mean the x-teacher in me) does not want them starting school yet and indeed their age makes it a close call.  Jude makes the school cut off date by only 28 days.  And if you think that's cutting is close, Tess makes the cut off by a mere hours.  Both are tiny and will stay quite petite throughout their lives.  I understand both professionally as a teacher, and personally as their clingy, overprotective, and overly-emotional mama, that there is only every advantage to gain by holding them back a year until they start school.
So why are they going to kindergarten now?
Tess and Jude have been receiving Early Intervention services since they came home, 3 1/2 years ago.  In that time they've both made huge progress and "graduated out" of most of the services they received, including cognitive/behavioral therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, food/eating therapy, and speech therapy.  In fact, Jude doesn't qualify for any services anymore at all.  He actually hasn't for quite a while.
But after meeting with Tess's IEP team, the only way for her to continue to receive the services she needs, is to do it in a school setting, and after 2 years of preschool, she no longer qualifies for the preschool program.  She has to go to kindergarten to get the help she needs.  
And if Tess goes to kindergarten, then Jude has to go too, because he would be totally devastated if she went and he didn't.
So... off they will go.
And someone better have the tissues ready, because I am so going to need them!

ps---Seriously y'all?!  I was floored by the number of you that voted for Ordinary Miracles for top adoption blog yesterday!  Thank you SO very much!  I mean I am seriously honored that someone actually reads this stuff at all!  You can continue to vote here 1 time per day for the duration on the contest, which is 2 more weeks.  Not sure where Ordinary Miracles will stand in the end, but no matter, I am honored and floored that so many would put their stamp of approval on my self-absorbed psycho-blather.
Thank you so much!
{Update---No more voting. The contest was closed after "issues" surfaced.}


  1. Wow, kindergarten already??? They've gotten so big!

    I tried to go vote again today, but it wouldn't let me vote again-maybe you can only vote once? By the way, you were 9th!! Yay!

  2. Lydia-
    Their "day" doesn't start at midnight. I'm not actually sure when it starts but I think it's in the evening sometime. Maybe midnight EST? But it is once per day as my teen assure me.
    Thank you SOOOOO much!

  3. Oh my goodness! That is news! Blessings on T & J as they start Kindergarten. Wasn't it just yesterday that you cried because they started riding the school bus to preschool?

  4. cannot believe they are doing kindergarten - as a home schooler, I get nervous about services after EI, because I don't want them going to full day kindergarten. Sob fest alert~!

  5. As an adoptive mother of a now 5yr old, I can truly say it's surreal that my bio-youngest daughter is graduating from college *the others are grown and left home* and our adoptive daughter will start Kindergarten in the Fall! I can honestly ask the same questions...."where did the time go?" *voted again*

  6. I can't believe they're that old already. They have come so far, you have such an amazing family!

  7. Major big deal! I home school one, will send another to K in the fall (get out the tissues), and am already thinking ahead to what will happen when Shu turns three and graduates EI (for which I am supremely thankful).

  8. Wow! Kindergarten! My middle child starts this fall, too, and she's another one that barely makes the cut-off, so I feel you on that one.

    And I guess I'm going to have to wait awhile to vote again. Can't do it yet.

  9. I know how hard it is to see your babies growing up. I catch myself tearing up while I am praising my Mary girl on a milestone that she has accomplished. One of my sweet memories of my mom was the tears on her cheeks as she waved good bye to us on our first day of school.

  10. I love seeing these two together, they are something special.
    I think they'll be just fine in kindergarten as long as they have each other.
    Hope all is well with you!

  11. Wow - the kids off to school...OK - I "get it" - but can't help teasing - it's in my nature!

    And as for the contest - 'issues' - I had to check the site...I'm having a little trouble believing that there would be 'issues' between adoptive mom's of any sort! meh...

    hugs - aus and co.

  12. I sent you an email recently that has remained unanswered. Maybe he went in your spam? Could you please contact me:
    Thank you.

  13. I just started following your blog and I too have two five year olds that we adopted that are starting kindergarden in Aug. They are our two "babies" and I can hardly imagine the tears in August!

  14. Seriously--those two could be any cuter!! Love those pictures! And K? Wow! How awesome! I can't imagine the amount of Kleenex needed! I'll be the same way!

  15. Hey Nancy, That is so great that they have met their IEP goals. IF you have any suggestions on how to make the IEP / Eligibility meetings more parent friendly, I would love to hear them. I always feel so bad, especially at the first meeting because there is so much data and it is so long. I want to take them to coffee after to let them ask questions. YEA for them. Thinking of you, as always and wishing you and your family the best.

  16. I wrote a comment,not sure you got it. YEA for them,meeting their goals. Thinking of you and wishing you and your family the best.


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