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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A favor?

I'm not sure who nominated and submitted my blog... thanks very nice who-ever-you-are! I am honored!

So would you consider voting for Ordinary Miracles for top 25 Adoption blogs?  Click here and scroll down till you see my blog.  It's quite a ways down currently, around the 40's.  But you can vote once per day!

The grand prize is an all expense paid vacation for 1 to the glorious sand beaches of Aruba with a custom lounge chair in the sand, with the waves lapping up around my toes, and an icy umbrella drink in my hand, palm trees above swaying in the breeze, while the sounds of the steel drums drift to my ears, and a pool boy named Sergio, bronzed muscles glistening in the sunlight, who will gently rub suntan lotion on my shoulders...

It feels shameless to ask for your vote... but I don't want to disappoint Sergio!


  1. 27?! Shut the FRONT DOOR!
    Serg... I'm coming!

  2. Just voted! Your #24 now!!! *cue up the opening theme song to THE JEFFERSONS * Well...were moving on up (sing with me yall!! :)

  3. Just voted!!! So fun, I hope you win!!!!

  4. Up to 20 now, but I did have to stop and vote for a few other caves along the way!!!

  5. Voted for you! (And Ni Hao Y'all and Tonggu Momma) :-)

  6. your in the top 10 mom! told you you'r a great writer and photographer :)

  7. Done - but for Sergi! As for the rest - go feel better!

    hugs - aus and co.

  8. Does it include a babysitter? : ) . You know you have my vote. I wouldn't want to keep you and Serg apart!


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