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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The moment she came

Papa made the final call if these photos would be posted.  Many of them are hard to for us to see.  They are the reality of the loss and the gain that happens in the moment when a child loses everything she knows in an instant and gains a forever family.  
I'm sure it was the longest she had ever been in a car.  A 3-hour drive turned into 6, and she came to us much later than had been planned.  It was late, she was tired, and very hungry, soaked in pee from the chest down, and in shock.  The circumstances didn't seem fair to our sweet girl, as if the deck was stacked against her that night.  
Because it was so late, she was brought directly to our hotel room.  You'll see the variety of distraction techniques, toys and lollipops, none of which worked for long.  
We tried a bottle, and it was a no-go.  Ultimately, room service brought up a bowl of congee, she downed it, and quickly fell asleep on my chest... still in her pee-soaked layers of clothing.  We'd take care of that the next day.    
I'm sure those of you who have adopted from Shangrao (Ling) Social Welfare Center will recognize Mrs. Lee. She was as lovely as everyone had said. Notice the other little girl in the background, patiently waiting in tow, for her turn to be united with her family.  

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