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Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 12, Monday {alley ways & the medicine market}

Liv feeding her new little sister noodles.
Dried everything and lots of things I had no idea what they were, at the Medicine Market.
Dried anise in the front and cinnamon in the back.

Baby bump?
Incense burning at a city temple.  

Typical doorway to a family home in the city.
My father drawing a crowd again.
Carving a jackfruit for sale.
Typical alleyway with laundry and bicycles.  


  1. I did get confused a second with the baby bump - I missed seeing Mazie's head at first!

    It looks like you got some great shots. I can't believe how big the cinnamon sticks are! I think my favorite picture is the alleyway and the clothes or the details of the cobbled street. I love pictures that are about everyday life.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful shots!!! They really brought me back....

  3. There is a saying in Chinese about southern Chinese eating habits:

    In southern China they will eat anything with 4 legs but the kitchen table and anything that flies except an airplane. . .

    Enjoy your final days here. Am praying that everything continues to go smoothly.

  4. Great photos! I can't wait to see China for myself - this time next week, I will! :D Have a safe trip home and enjoy your remaining time there.

  5. LOVE the baby bump picture! :) Your photos are just beautiful! I must live in a hole...I had no idea cinnamon was that big!! Holy cow! :) Oh, and the dude in pic behind Liv looks like a happy camper. ;-)

  6. First pic, guy in the background, staring at you - hilarious! :))

    Liv feeding her new baby sister is such an adorable view. I love all the photos. Maybe I'll visit China one day. :D

  7. Typical Patch-wearing short sleeves and everyone else is in warm layers :o) I want some Anise and Cinnamon, it is beautiful, wouldn't it be pretty in our pears this Fall! Was your dad signing autographs? I bet he is so fun for them all to see. When are you home?

  8. I completely freaked out when I saw you looking really thin and pregnant! Nice work, skinny minny!

  9. Fun photos! Your "baby bump" shot is a funny one.

  10. LOVE your pictures. capture the essence of the place. very very good. So happy for your family



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