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Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 10, Sunday {Bits & Pieces}

Some things we're learning about our girl along the way...
Our Mimi has obviously never held a spoon before.  Yesterday, she discovered that not only could hold it on her own, but she could feed herself.  It may be more accurate to say she is attempting to feed herself.  It's a huge mess but she insists.

She has picked up her first sign, more.
She continues to be a picky eater.  And I don't think she's drinking nearly enough.  Sips of  water here and there.  But she doesn't show any signs of dehydration.  So I assume she's getting enough fluids in her foods, congee, yogurt...  Hard boiled eggs are her favorite.  She'll mow through at least 3-4 per sitting.  I bought some in an alley this morning and hard boiled them in the hotpot for her.

She enjoys lotion and massages.
She doesn't hand out her smiles easily or to just anyone.  She's cautious.    She does have likely the most adorable wrinkly-nose-smile in the whole wide world!  Same one Tess had as a baby.  Really, I don't think it could get any cuter to see her light up a room.

I think she's seen her last bottle.  She's rejected them for the very first time she came to us.  When we went to the orphanage, the first thing her foster mama did was feed her a full bottle which she downed.  Again with me, she will take nothing.  We will keep trying.
The sound of knocking on a door still scares her.  Everything else seems to be getting better.

At 23 months, she is potty trained, especially by Chinese standards. Wakes with a dry diaper most nights, and goes on demand.  I still put a diaper on her, especially when we are out and about.  I'm likely single handedly un-potty training her each day.  Oh well.  There will be much time to train up the way of a child later.
She is still largely silent.  I know she understands somethings spoken to her in Chinese.  She will follow directions, lean in for a kiss, or take a swipe at someone depending on what someone says.  Gotta luv a girl that'll stand up for herself!  The one word she says is mama.  She says it frequently.  Especially when things aren't going her way.  Seeing as how mama is the same in Chinese and English it's not a surprise that she knows what this word means.  It is a bit of a surprise that it means me! 

Today is the first day that I see her relaxed.  Not all the time, but glimpses.  Then the house keeping lady came to our room.  And left.  And we went backwards again.
I've had quite a few folks ask questions about the train travel.  I have a post coming.  Lots of pics of it too.  

PS-Did you see the smiles????  


  1. She is so darned cute! Just no words to describe how cute. I love her crinkly nose and her smile. I'm so glad I am up late tonight working so I could see these photos!! Keep trying with the bottle - it will be a very good bonding tool to sit and feed her while getting her to look in your eyes and vice versa. Enjoy her - she is a doll. I would love to hear about the train also - we will take it to Hong Kong from Guangzhou. We have to do 2 intercountry flights. I am not a fan of flying.

  2. Oh another thing - I find it so amazing and interesting how Mazie seemed to change overnight just with that visit to the orphanage. I know it was a rough trip back to your hotel with her from there, but it seems like she has accepted her new life. Long ways to go of course, but I am so glad she is doing so much better.

  3. Thinking of you all everyday Nancy, I'm glad to see that Mazie is doing a little better.

    I'm lovin' that wrinkled-up nose and her mischievous look! Melting my heart from across the world.

  4. Wow, look at those cute smiles!!

    My littlest, Maya, saw the pictures of Mazie and she was all like "AWWWWWWWWW, WHAT A CUTE CUTE CUTE BABAY!!!!!!!!"

  5. I've been waiting for that smile. She is jusst precious. Blessings

  6. She smiled and made funny faces. I think you'll see more and more of the sweet happy girl everyday that goes by.

  7. She is TOO cute!! I LOVE to see her smile in the pictures!! SO nice to see the progress and to see that she is feeling more comfortable with you guys. I hope this continues. I hope your husband arrived home safely. Coming to check out the blog is the first thing I do in the morning! What a GREAT way to start my Sunday....awww the smiles!

  8. That face reminds me of Elspeth.

    As for potty training, oh well.

  9. Oh my look at the layers unfold! I agree, the " visit to the orphanage" albeit difficult was monumental for Mazie. Just as the smiles are " seeping through" so will her trust. She has the cutest smile!!!.Love that wrinkly-nose smile!!!

  10. Gives me some comfort as we are a week away to meeting our daughter. I am prepared for the worst, but soooooo good to see her smile. Glad I haven't put makeup on yet. Tears are coming quite easily this morning. It is becoming so much more real now.

  11. Seriously, I don't think she could get any cuter!!! Love those smiles...especially the wrinkly nose one! Adorable!

  12. Beautiful, beautiful smiles! Peeks at her sweet personality!

  13. You can make me cry every time! She is gorgeous and I am glad she is starting to relax. I will continue to pray for you and your family!

  14. The bottle is great for bonding.
    Make it sweet like mother's milk.

    Eye contact is key. If she wont' take the bottle from you and make eye contact, Pop a sweet into her mouth when she makes eye contact with you. We started with candy in China and berries once we got home.

    Peek-a-boo is an important game to be playing with her right now. Maybe that's how Daddy can make some bonding with his sweet little girl.

    Hang in there, you are doing a great job! Thank you for sharing the tough times. It isn't always easy and this gives peace to those of us who went thru it and for folks not there yet.

  15. Wonderful photos. What a cute girl!
    Lucy was scared of the housekeeping staff too.. we had to go for walks when they came to clean the room.
    Do you have a straw cup? once Lucy figured out the spoon.. she also started to ditch the bottle and a straw cup (we got a cheap one at the photo place on the Island) was magic...

  16. Oh, nancy. I wanted to tell you that I'm HERE! And incessantly checking in on my phone (where its IMPOSSIBLE! to comment!) Oh, this journey has me holding me breath!! What a ROAD for precious Mazie and of COURSE Mama means YOU - isnt that God's grace???

    Seriously, I want to see pictures of where you bought the EGGS in the alley :) THATS classic China!!!

    I really hope she reverts to the bottle and heck, even the un potty training. They are only little once!!


  17. Her smiles sure make me smile!
    Can't wait to meet
    Uncle D

  18. What a precious cutie! I LOVE her crinkly nosed smile. So happy to hear and see her improvements, it is amazing what personalities they already have at that young age. I sooooo want to adopt again, but all of the paperwork etc is so daunting! Still grieving the loss of our precious Sanjay after having him with us for nearly 8 years. We just passed the 1 year anniversary of his death, and we all MISS him SO MUCH! God bless you, your family is in our prayers.

  19. Such a precious child! And I love her name!!

  20. I love the photos! Keep them coming.

    And, I'm looking forward to your train post. We will be on the train in 6 days! I'm so excited!!!

  21. I just love the photos. She is so adorable and her expressions remind me so much of my niece. I am not surprised she is potty trained as the Chinese do not use diapers for toddlers. I notice that one of the gals mentioned giving her sweets. I know that the Chinese do not like sweets. The closest they come to sweets are short bread cookies. My brother remembers them being really excited to give him a birthday cake but the frosting tasted like shortening because there was no sugar added. So she may not take to sweets right away. The spoon thing didn't surprise me either. The Chinese feed their children until they have enough fine motor control to use chop sticks. One of things that is huge with them is not wasting food. Food is precious because they have suffered starvation or near starvation in their lives. My sister-in-law lived in the city and remembers as a child in the 60's of times of very scarce food and being very hungry. That is one of the reasons she is so small is that her folks did not have enough food for their 4 kids at times. So to have a child play with their food and drop food is considered wasteful and should not be done because food is precious. I am so glad she is doing better and adjusting to her new life. Blessings to you today!

  22. I am SO glad to see that step, by step things are improving. Will continue to pray for the eating and the upcoming flight.

    We also love the train. Both the sleeper train for longer distances and the high speed train for shorter distances.


  23. She is absolutely beautiful! LOVE the little wrinkle nose!

  24. Oh the smiles! The wrinkly nose! The little tongue sticking out!

  25. Oh, Nancy, she is just perfect! So excited for you guys!

  26. ADORABLE!!!!!


  27. The last picture....priceless. And so very adorable.


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