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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tips-n-Tricks {pancake mix}

No really... I am cheap and lazy.
I haven't posted any tips-n-tricks lately.  Still trying to perfect the fine art of living in chaos.  Still falling short too, but that hasn't stopped me from trying.

I'm nesting like a mad woman these days.  After all, I'm gonna have a baby in a few weeks, so this is kinda normal, right?  A 23-month-old, 20 lb baby, that will likely speak way more Mandarin that I do!

But this post is about pancake mix!
So much for the subtle transition.
Ya, it's not epic or anything, but it is a fast simple tip that makes my life easy and helps me spend more time with those I adore!

I totally forgot over the years that I could make my own pancake mix!  Blame it on increased exposure to Progesterone.  And somewhere along the same time I found myself paying an obscene amount for a box of  Bisquick or pancake mix, I remembered how easy it is to make!

We eat pancakes or waffles at least 1X per week.  And in my moment of clarity, I noticed that a 5lb bag of flour is only $1.99 at Walmart.  (Don't get me started on Walmart!  Can't stand the place.  It's wrong.  I'd love to take a moral stand, but did I mention that flour is only $1.99 for a 5lb bag and they honor the weekly sales of other stores?  So yes, you'll find me there often, and yes, I'm totally aware this makes me a hypocrite.  It is what it is folks!)

So here's the bulk recipe I came up with.  My family can't tell the difference between this and the boxed pancake mix.  Yields 12 breakfasts, so you may want to cut it in half.  But like I said, we eat lots of pancakes round here, and left-over ones are often topped with peanut butter as an after-school-snack.
2 5 lb bags of flour
3 1/2 c sugar
10 T baking powder
5 T baking soda
mix all together in a very large bowl.
Measure out 3 cups of flour mixture into a storage container (I have a lot of quart jars right now, so that's what I used.  If not, I probably would have used gallon zip-lock bags.)
When ready to make pancakes or waffles add to the flour mixture
3 eggs
1 T vanilla
2-2 1/4 c of milk till desired consistency
optional additions include bananas, apples, nuts, chocolate chips, or whatever you fancy!

The grand total spent was $4.  I had the other ingredients on hand.
Now when we come home from China, and are jet-lagged to the max, I'll have an easy go-to breakfast for the kiddos.  And for a 3 months afterwards apparently!
Just wanted to pass it along!
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  1. Don't have to justify Walmart to me. I hate it/I love it...but every time I go I marvel at the bargains which allow me to feed/clothe/diaper my family...and oh yeah, to have afforded a China adoption. :)

  2. Oh i LOVE this!! And my kids love pancakes made with orange juice instead of milk, a little extra sugar and vanilla um!!

    And I agree with Walmart LOL!

  3. Yvette--- I LOVE the idea of OJ in the pancakes! I'm SO going to try it!

  4. Mmmm...pancakes! Will be cutting this in 1/2 (of 1/4 for our little family of 2) but will be making your yummy pancakes.

    Have your kiddos tried peanut butter + syrup on pancakes together? Oh baby, they're deeelish!

    Happy nesting. Praying you hear something soon!

  5. Ok do share, what code are you using to get the "pin it" button in your post? I have tried adding it with code from the pinterest site but I cannot get it to work right!

  6. I have been looking for a waffle mix that only calls for ingredients I only had on hand (no buttermilk, for example) and was easy enough for even my husband to mix up (no separating eggs). Yours seems to fit the bill! I do have a couple of (perhaps foolish) questions though: You say to put 3 cups into the jars, but your jars look full, and don't quart jars hold 4 cups? Also, if I cut this in half, how many eggs should I use? It is hard to halve an egg :) Thanks so much!

    1. Barb--These do have 4 cups in them. And I figured out that was too much. So I cut it down to 3 c per jar and that was perfect and then the jars weren't quite as full as this pic. We have 9 people in our family, so we've never cut it down. but it's 1 egg per 1 cup of the mixture. So if you cut down to 2 cups it would be 2 eggs.
      Hope that helps a bit,

    2. That is very helpful! I think I will do it in pint jars, at least to start! Thank you!

    3. One more question (sadly, I STILL haven't mixed this up yet!). Do you prepare this the same way for waffles and pancakes? It seems that usually the store bought mixes call for different amounts of eggs, oil, etc.
      Thanks again!

    4. I need to make more too! I keep waiting to see flour on a good sale and then I'll do it. Now that you ask, I don't think we've ever used this for waffles! I think the base would work, but yes, I thing you'd need to fiddle with the quantities of what you add to make it work for waffles.


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