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Friday, February 24, 2012

Processing a little bit at a time

We read this book...
Then Jude (who is often referred to as Mr. Sensitive) and I had this conversation-
Jude:  Mama, do you love Mimi?
Me: Yes.
Jude:  Mama, do you love Mimi and Jude?
Me:  Yes, I do.  I love both of you very much!
Jude:  Forever?
Me:  Yes, forever.
Jude:  And ever?
Me:  Yes. 
Jude:  Do you love Mimi and Jude to the moon and the stars and the sun and back?
Me:  Yes, Jude, I love you and Mimi to the moon and the stars and the sun and back.
Jude:  Mama, let's get on a plane and go get Mimi.
Me:  I will soon, Jude.  Will you wait for me at home with Grammy?
Jude:  Yes.
Jude:  And let's get on a plane and go to VietNam and find VietNam mama.  And tell her we love her.   And tell her my name.
Me:  Yes, Jude.  I would like to try do that some day.  
Jude:  Mama, may I play video games now?
Me:  Yes, Jude.
Just processing a little bit at a time.


  1. i took my two to the library last night and mateo chose a book to read that was above his level but totally captivated me and made me of course think of you. it was called "the three names of me". have you heard of it? it is the story of a girl adopted from china, living in the us, and she tells how she has three names - one from her birth mother, one from the orphanage and one from her adopted parents. i really loved it.

  2. As an adopted child I am so very thankful for the way my Mom and Dad made the conversations surrounding adoption so comfortable and easy for me. The way that they so comfortably and openly would address any questions that I may have had equiped me (I hope) to help Jude, Tess and Mazie with whatever questions and emmotions may arise through this process. I know that Jude's VietNam mama loved him, the suprising thing to me is that I think Jude loves his VietNam mama as well.

    Dear God please equip me with the wisdom that my parnets have so that I may be evrything that my children need as a father and I can bring glory to You with the work that You have given me.

  3. Wow, just found your blog via Bloggy Moms and am very pleased to have stumbled upon it! Such touching words and accompanying images. Beautiful layout. I'm looking forward to reading more...what an amazing journey for you and all your family. I would like to be financially stable enough to adopt one day. Once again, I can't wait to read more! Good luck!!!


  4. Wow. I think I need to process that post...and then go talk with L and hug on her some. So I'm guessing you already know this, but that little boy of yours is GORGEOUS and I think him and L should get married. Would that be okay?


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