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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 things I accomplished recently... sort of

The last week was a whirlwind.

1----Our flights are finally booked.  Parsimonious me had a hard time settling on how to spend the funds.  But in the end, we are flying Korean Air and arriving 2 days early to do a little sight seeing. We're also flying out on Saturday rather than Friday, one day late.  Seems Thursday and Saturday flights are about $200 cheaper so as much as I know I'll be ready to get home, I'm going to soak up China 1 extra day and save the money.
2----Preschool, elementary, middle, and high schools have been notified.  This week starts "Operation Gather Homework" for Livy and Patch.  If they'll give us any ahead of time that its.
3---- I packed up little Mimi's suitcase.  It was precisely 30 lbs.  Why is it that the stuff for the baby always outweighs the baby itself?
4----The itinerary has been set.  On the sidebar, you'll notice a countdown clock and a completed timeline to Mimi.
5----Our freezer is jammed packed with meals for when we come home.  Coming home last time didn't go well... at all.  I'm hoping we're more prepared this time.
6----I've scheduled an appointment with our pediatrician for when we come home.  We'll start Mimi's evaluation there.  Have I told you how much I love our pediatrician?  He is the GP for all 9 of us and has a small little practice and will talk your ear off.  Luv that man!  I also have the referral ready for our state's early intervention program.
7----I'm really not sleeping much.  Last night gave me 2 solid ours, and the rest was tossing and turning until I finally gave up at 3:30am and got up and did laundry.  Is this my body's way of preparing for sleepless nights with a new baby in the house?
8----The childcare arrangements have been made and my mom and Sunny will be here to hold down the fort.  For several reasons, Sunny prefers to stay here, mostly because it's her senior year in high school, and she doesn't want to miss a single minute of it.  Yes, my mom is a saint.  We are so so so lucky to have her.
9 & 10---- I don't have a clue what else I accomplished.  It's been a whirlwind since our travel approval came and honestly I'm feeling lucky to still be standing and smiling.


  1. So Exciting!!!! Can I get your wonderful doctor's name?

  2. Oh, oh, oh! You got so much done! So very soon! Tonight I pray you can sleep!

  3. I remember this time so well. I literally didn't know how I was stringing a sentence together. Maybe I wasn't. YAY for travel... such and exciting time!

  4. I remember this time oh so well. I don't know how I was even stringing a sentence together. Maybe I wasn't?! YAY for travel... such an exciting time.

  5. Love hearing all the details! Hope you are able to sleep some tonight.

  6. Impressive list! Good for you on the food in the freezer. I did not do that, but thankfully we have gotten a ton of food from friends, so we are still eating. You need to sleep now! We have had Eliana for almost a month and sleep has been in very short supply. We are TIRED!

  7. WOW - what a great post!! And I love the countdown clock!!

    A couple thoughts about school if I may - suggest to the teachers that the kids journal the trip in leiu of missed assignments? With our littles we acutally let them blog their trip on a seperate blog - just for their classmates and friends back home! The teachers were more than happy to use that (except we still had to do math but that was cool!) and we could work with the kids (younger than yours) one on one while the other parent took some bonding time with the newbie!

    Otherwise sounds like you are getting there - and the lack of sleep - probably your body getting ready for "China time" you can't get anymore upset body clock wise! ;)

    hugs - great joy -

    aus and co.

  8. We flew Korean Air to VN and it was FABULOUS! The Incheon airport was the nicest I've ever seen in my life, so if you have a layover, no worries. There is an entire lounge for sleeping, washing, shopping, anything you'd like!

    It's good to see you countdown ticker in single digits for days left. Bet it feels like slow motion at this point. Can't wait to follow your Mazie journey!


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