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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Visa's in hand!

Well what do we have here?
Liv you open it up so I can take your picture, ok?
Well that makes it official!
We can go now!
All we need is our TA!

There will be 4 of us going.
Papa and I are going of course!  And this time we will also be taking Liv who is now 15 years old, (she also went with us to VietNam) and Patch who is 13 year old.

Oh yea, and one additional extra special person is going too meet us there!  My knight in shining armor still after all these years.
I wonder how a handlebar mustache is going to go over in China?


  1. YES!!

    Do you have a special compartment in your wetsuit to stash your passport for the long swim, if need-be? Just want to be prepared in case we need to hit the water in a couple of weeks... wouldn't want to swim all that way and then not be able to enter the country, ya know?!

  2. YAY!!!! So close! (We got our i-800 approval today.)

  3. Yay! It might not be a TA, but it's something!

  4. So awesome that your dad is going! I loved having mine there. And , FYI, there was a handlebar mustache father and son when we were there!

  5. I love that your papa is going to be there. They even have a Mexican restaurant in Guangzhou!!!

  6. What a great package...praying your TA comes soon! And those baby leggings are super cute!


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