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Monday, January 9, 2012

The staging area

I'm sorry I've been gone for so long,
but this has started in earnest.
My closet has turned into a staging area for packing.

Suitcases have been hauled out.
Prescriptions turned in.
Trips to Target have been run.
Gifts purchased.
Meals made and frozen.
Warm coats gotten out.
Lists made and slowly being checked off.
Some tears shed.
Visas applied for.

It's no where near done, but the preparations are well underway now.

Goodness gracious, we're going to get our baby next month!


  1. First of all, your closet it lovely! My staging area is a bit more haphazard, but it's getting there! Picked up prescriptions over the weekend, waiting for Costco to put our planned gifts back on coupon next month so I can purchase those, little girl clothes have been washed and packed, visas are at the Consulate waiting to be picked up on Thursday, and so on. Now we just need a speedy Art 5 and TA.

    Quick note though - I don't see your pink bathing suit that we're going to be running around in while we're in China!? Lest you forget the crazy train attire, Nancy!

  2. Carrie-
    I KNEW I was forgetting something!
    Pink skirted bathing suit---check

  3. How awesome that you are so close! Happy packing!

  4. Are you onto the next stage? I've been checking the "Art 5" in the timeline hoping it would arrive soon! EXCITING!!!!

  5. Oh MAN I am behind schedule!!!!! WE received our Article 5 on Thursday and Visa's in the mail today... waiting TA.... but are NO WHERE NEAR YOU in staging!!! I totally forgot about the pink skirted thingamagig!!!

    Hubby has challenged me to a carry-on....
    Stephen's things can go in a checked in bag... but for me... a carry on.....

  6. Wow, you are leaving next month? This is great! Can´t wait to see little Mazie in your arms!

  7. Oh no! You are so much further along than I am-- now I feel even more behind and overwhelmed! ;^) So hoping we overlap in Guangzhou!

  8. how did this happen? so close?! WOW!! so happy for you. you must be going nuts.

  9. I can't think of a single reason thats better to have a closet in a state of disarray.

    It's happening. You don't even need to pinch yourself, the time is almost here.

  10. I'm so happy to be virtually tagging along to China with you!!! Next MONTH!!! Happy Year of the Dragon, indeed!!

  11. Next month!?! That is SO soon! SO excited for you all - can't wait to see sweet Mazie in your arms. Thank you for allowing us to tag along on this journey with you.

  12. We got our Art 5 Jan6, so we are right with you! Someone just gave us one of those short stubby suitcases to borrow. Never seen one before, guess we are new to international travel!

  13. By the way, what are you taking as gifts? Isn't your daughter in foster care, too?

  14. The Kratzers--- For gifts this time, we got some books, paperback, about our AZ. They are mostly pictures. It's small enough for travel, but pretty too. And truth be told, they're used off Amazon. Just my price range, and you can't really tel they are "used" books at all. Not gonna sweat the gifts this time. Quick, easy, and done is my motto this time!
    Yes, she is in a foster family that lives IN the orphanage.

  15. This makes me wanna have more kids :D Even if I am a tired mom most of the time ;-) The best travel wishes for you <3


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