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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Progress on WanWen's wishes

My mom and dad came down to visit this weekend.  Mostly so we could hash out some details of our China trip.

We went to our favorite "hot pot" restaurant (anyone in love with "hot pot" as much as me?  Goodness that is yummy food!) and talked about the logistics of the care of our kiddos at home, flights, hotels, and what we hope to see and do while we are there.  And most importantly how WanWen and her transition is our first objective.   Quite appropriate seeing how Chinese New Year is upon us.   We did all this simultaneously while scarfing down an entire platter of baby bok chok, black pork, and dumplings.  Did I mention how yummy hot pot is?

No, no TA yet.  Still waiting.  And the consensus is that it's going to be a long wait.  {insert sigh of regret here}  Over there on the little timeline chart, I'm sadly going to have to change "gotcha" back to March.  The average time to TA 2-3 weeks, and we are currently on day#13 of our wait, but with Chinese New Year thrown in, it will surely will be longer than average.  I'm trying hard not to think about it.  We are hoping it will come mid February, but honestly that seems like forever away.  My arms started to ache for her a few weeks ago, and the emptiness is starting to overwhelm me at times.   In the mean time, I'm filling my freezer will lots of easy meals for our return, packing, and making a lovely assortment of hair bows and headbands for our girl.  Gotta teach her the fundamentals of accessorizing early on!  Important stuff, I know!
My mom and I had an opportunity to get out all the squishes for Mimi's 100 good wishes quilt and sort through them.  Oh my!  A wave of emotion came over me to see them all spread out like that.  Each with such wonderful heartfelt wishes.  Thank you to every single person that contributed!  I actually still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that not only were there enough people that cared about our little Mimi to make it to my goal of 100, but I even counted up over 120 wishes!  124 to be exact!  Never did I actually think I'd be able to collect that many.  I just assumed that I'd go to the fabric store in the end and pick out the majority of the fabrics myself and make up the wishes too, assigning them to people I knew.  Nope, I didn't have to make up a single one.  I am moved to tears of what y'all did, my family, and my friends, any my bloggie friends.  Thank you so so so very much for welcoming this little girl into our family with such love and joy.  We are blessed!
I'll keep posting the progress on the quilt as we work on it.  We were able to pick out a pattern for it.  I think it'll be so pretty in the end, and know that someday soon, I'll be able to wrap my little WanWen up in her very own 100 good wishes quilt and read her the wishes of how we all loved her so much even before she came.
Thank you all.

ps-I know there are 4 of you that I still owe squishes to.  I need to do something first before I can send them. I didn't forget.


  1. oh bummer- I would have LOVED to trade wish squares with you! We are doing one for EM too!! I think we are very close to 100, but I am reserving 5 for memorial squares, a birthfamily square and a God square...


  2. So, in the first picture I saw the three squares I sent. And I got super excited to see them being used for her quilt. And when I say "super excited" I mean "OH MY GOODNESS! THERE THEY ARE! THATS SO AWESOME!". And I may have teared up a little. Is that weird? My emotions are all over the place lately, I apologize.

  3. That is a big bummer about TA...ummm, trying to think of comforting words but coming up blank. How long after TA does is take for you to travel?

    You will be there soon and you can blow my baby a kiss while you are there.

    Your daughter will have a beautiful and lovingly made quilt to come home to.

  4. Cedar--
    Once we get TA, we will leave approx 3 weeks afterwards.
    OK... keeping it real here, we're leaving Feb 28th. Even without approval, I'm going to start swimming over Feb 28th because that is my self-imposed limit of how long I can wait without imploding. Feb 28th.

  5. Oh Jen--Thank you so much! That's weird that 3 of yours would be on top of the 124! Meant to be seen by you, I guess!

  6. You got mine, right?! I love seeing them all out there!! Can't wait to see that Mazie girl HOME!!!

  7. The quilt is going to be beautiful. Come on TA!! Ours can't both be slow and since mine already was, your has to come next week.

  8. Oh Nancy, I really hope the "longer than average wait" for our TAs is just a rumor :(. If your TA is next in line for when they return to work, I don't see why they just can't get back to their normal workload? I'm really curious to see what may happen end of next week! Imagine seeing a "surprise" flood of TAs?? :)



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