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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Snapshot {Pick a season, any season}

Abrupt departure from previous sledding images to follow
{insert sound of needle scratching across record player here}

This is what we do in the desert...
We blow by September and even October in bathing suits without even a thought...
We wait through winter, November, December...
Then in January, for a VERY brief period of time, say 4 days-ish, we don our very unnecessary winter coats and Ugg boots, huddle beneath one of only a very few trees in our neighborhood that loses its leaves, and play in the leaves.
We pretend it's fall!
I'm not kidding when I say it only lasts a few days.
We gotta hurry because it'll be gone tomorrow.  Because, after all, we waited all winter for fall!
We ignore the fact that there's green grass under those leaves and we get out our rakes and toss the leaves on one another.
We even ignore younger children who insist on being barefoot and wearing shorts, while we pretend it's cold, when it's actually 75 degrees outside.
It's all we got, folks!  It's autumn and winter with a bit of spring and summer all rolled into one!

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Oh sure, rub it in on a 6 degree morning here in New England when even our dog doesn't want to be outside more than 30 seconds! Gorgeous photos, and I must know where oh where did you get Tess's headband, and shoes, and coat!!!! what colors!

  2. Michelle-
    Oh you'd better believe I'm gonna rub it in in the dead of winter! Come summer I'll be feeling bad enough!
    The coat I actually won in a contest-
    It's here
    I do love it! So bright and colorful! Headband is just a simple one I put a couple flower clip in. Shoes are from her Granna and are too big, but she still insists on wear them.

  3. I know you posted about this before but it still blows my mind! Does it seriously only last a couple days?! I can't even imagine that. Some years, Autumn drags on here for what seems like forever.. But I'm not complaining, it's my favourite season, and it's usually drier than summer which is always a plus!
    I think I'll have to experience fall in the desert for myself sometime!

  4. I am kind of jealous of your winter : ) Your kids are SO absolutely adorable. I love those smiles. The best things ever!

  5. Love this post, it is hilarious. Been to Arizona a lot so I get it. Good thing you have that cabin so you can get a dose of reality once in a while. The girls look like they are enjoying the pretend fall-winter-spring!

  6. Great shots of your adorable kids!
    I think I could get used to 75 degree weather in January =).


  7. Awwwww, what cute lil' kids! They look like they're enjoying themselves. I'm glad you let them play barefoot. Your son has the cutest little piggies! XD


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