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Friday, January 20, 2012

Livy's wisdom

My baby girl isn't feeling well today.
By baby, I mean 15 years old and getting her driver's permit in a couple weeks, and pretty sure she can do my job better than I can do it myself.
But still my baby none the less.  You mamas understand.
She's a tad bit swollen up.  And don't let that smile fool you.  At that point, the pain killers hadn't worn off yet.  About an hour later, the pain returned.

In hind site, she may disown me for taking these pictures.
She had her wisdom teeth removed this afternoon and 2 more molars "excised" what ever that means.  I know it involves a band and a chain.  Ouch.
This is actually phase 1 of 2.  The second surgery, coming up this summer, will be bigger and recovery will be longer, a couple weeks longer... thus the reason we're doing it in the summer.
But it does provide me with an opportunity to baby her a bit.  Grocery shopping done just on her account.  Checking on her.  Tucked her in.  Papa even went out and got her rainbow sherbet.  I gave her a bell to ring if she needs anything... anything at all... like her mama.
I can't help but think that my opportunities to baby her are now few.  So I'll gladly seize the opportunity while I can.  
Hope you feel better, Liv.
If you need anything, just ring!
And please do ring!


  1. she's not texting, huh!?

    hope Livy gets better soon!!

  2. Sara---that's so funny you ask. When she was coming out of the anesthesia, still at the doc's, she was quite upset. Just loopy upset and couldn't quite figure out what was going on. I asked her if she wanted to text her best friend. She tried at least and it did help her feel better. Whatever works, right?

  3. Awww- poor thing. Love her to pieces! It won't do anything but make her feel better!! Xoxo!!

  4. Oh, Nancy, I hope she feels better soon. I still remember getting my wisdom teeth out (and excised) and it is no fun. Enjoy this time babying your young lady!

  5. Hope se feels better soon, and an aside, I saw may favorite book under the bell! Have been reading " The Family Nobody Wanted " annually since age 11! Who's reading it???

  6. Karla-Liv spent the weekend in my bed and that's my bedside table with the book. I am finishing it up. Just discovered it. I was SOOOO hoping that she'd discover it, just under her bell. But she slept most of the time, and didn't. I'll keep trying because as you already know it's that good.

  7. Ouch! Hope you're feeling much better by now Livy!


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