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Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY How to Baby Legs

So I'm nesting a bit.  I steam cleaned all the rugs in the house this weekend.  It felt good.  All the while dreaming of WanWen in China.
Not to mention the retail therapy.
I keep looking at Baby Legs for my sweet baby-to-be.  I'm thinking China in the winter, and it couldn't hurt to have another layer of warmth to slip on over leggings.  And how adorable would they be under dresses?!
But one thing kept popping into my parsimonious head.
NO WAY am I spending $12 on those things!
Enter DIY Baby Legs my way.  If you've been reading a while you know that I'm cheap and actually quite lazy.  So these fit the bill... cheap and easy!

I ran into these!
Target knee socks for $1.99 (adult sized) and a huge variety of super fun colors and patterns!
$4 later I had myself two pairs and a project.

It took several online tutorials till I figured it out, but I really whipped out 4 of these, 2 pair, in about 30 minutes while Tess and Jude were eating lunch.

I only pass on the stuff that's worth while, y'all!  If you can sew even a little bit, these are totally do-able!

So here are my instructions step by step.

Cut the heel out of the sock.

Continue the cut across the sock to cut it into 2 separate pieces.  
(You may have to trim up your cut to make it straight across both sections.)

 Cut off the toe.   Again you may have to trim it up to make the cut straight across.  

First, we're going to make the cuff for the bottom of the Baby Leg.
Take smaller, bottom section that had the toe on it, and cut the length...

 ...and it should look like this.

Fold in half (hamburger style) and pin right side together across longest edge.

Sew 1/4"-ish from the edge.

Looks like this when you have it sewn.

 Turn inside out.

Fold cuff on top of itself, wrong sides together.

Slide cuff on outside of raw/cut edge of sock.  
At this point you'll have 3 raw edges (two from the cuff and 1 for the long sock portion) all together...

...and pin in place all the way around.

Sew 1/4"-ish away from edge.  Then turn cuff to bottom.

Tess was more than happy to model the finished product.  
Goodness, I love those skinny little chicken legs of hers.
Pretty cute, hu?  
I mean how stinkin' adorable is that for Valentine's day?
And only $1.99 apiece and 30 minutes of my time!

If anyone makes them, you gotta let me know how they turn out.
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  1. So stinkin cute! I will definately be making some for Lily!
    Thanks for the post.

  2. So adorable.

    But pack your long underwear, China in the winter is COLD. Hope your TAs arrive soon!

  3. Love them! I want to make some too! Great tutorial!

  4. Thanks so much for the super easy tutorial!!! I have been drooling over them myself but not willing to spend the money. I can totally do this :)

  5. Faith--Oh YES you can! As long as someone can operate a sewing machine, they can make these. They were EASY!

  6. You lost me at making the cuff...but super cute! Love the patterns!

    You amaze me.

  7. so I can't sew - not even a little bit. But, I'm thinking maybe my grandma would like a project :) Or you could just open an Etsy store & I could buy them from you

  8. Too cute! Thank you!I will put my girls to work on these!

  9. WOW WOW WOW!!!! I'm soooo gonna make some for my girls!! :D

  10. Holy I gotta go to Target tomorrow!!! So, so, so cute and crafty! THANK YOU!

  11. AAAHHHHH!!! I sssooooo HAVE to make these!!! Why, oh why does my brain not work like this??!! I LOVE it!!! Thank you!!!

  12. I'm considering it!!!!! Cute! Winter in IOWA is pretty cold too :)

  13. how do I love thee, let me count the ways!!!!! LOVE THIS!

  14. adorable! My girl doesn't like many girly things.... but these she thought were adorable and said she'd wear them if I made them for her!! Now if I can just unclog my sewing machine - something is holding it up from running!

  15. So totally stinkin' cute! Thanks for sharing.

  16. I meant to ask - are these adult knee high socks?

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Love the idea, and everything went great until I tried to sew the cuff onto the leg. I guess my sewing machine is cheap b/c it kept jamming trying to sew through so many layers:(
    I am going to attempt the rest by hand.

  19. I'm going to try this even though I don't have a little girl.

  20. Love these! I made them today in a matter of minutes... black with pink / red hearts.. too cute. Thanks so much for the tutorial!
    My 3 year old loves them!

  21. Ok, this may be a dumb question with an obvious answer.. but what is the point of cutting and resewing the cuff? I have made 6 pairs of these now, and the last 4 i didn't cut and resew the cuff.

  22. Jess--I think the cuff just gives it a more finished appearance, and likely keeps the sock from "rolling up" on the bottom. But I do like your idea of fast and easy and think it would work out wonderfully that way too!

  23. I don't mean not adding the cuff to the sock, i mean cutting the cuff length-wise and then resewing it. (like shown in pictures #6-10)

  24. I've made these before and didn't cut down the size of the cuff, it looks bubbly around the bottom because the cuff is too wide for the sock, so it doesn't lay nicely. Taking off that little bit makes it fit inside much nicer. That being said, now that I'm a 'cuff trimmer' instead of cutting and then sewing, I turn the bottom piece (fully intact) inside out, lay flat and then sew down one side. Then I just trim off that strip of extra, so I don't have to pin or worry about it lining up right.

    1. Sounds like a great technique! Thanks for the suggestion, Holly!

  25. Awesome. I want some for me now. HAHA

  26. Im now mad my baby girl will be 10 and these wouldn't fit her... :( could I maybe sew two pair together to make them longer?!

    1. I don't see why not. They would be tighter fitting, like a sock though. Still cute though!
      Let me know how they turn out!


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