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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Desert rats in the snow

Better than sledding of course, is sledding with your cousins.  And the eventual snowball fight that ensued!
See Papa fly fishing on the back side of the little lake?  
A little snow couldn't stop him.  He says there're trout in there!
These two look sweet!
Don't let their appearance fool you!
This little one had snow down her socks the whole time and a wet jacket.
Bad mama.
Didn't slow her down in the least!
 Aunties are the bestest!
 Then the inevitable snowball fight started.  Boys vs grown-ups.
Notice Jude using the snowmen for cover as the snowball fight progressed.
Smart boy I tell you!
I don't think he regrets throwing the snowball, but he may regret hitting his sister square on the head.  Not now necessarily, but definitely later.
This is my 4-year-old son pelting his 2-year-old cousin with a snowball at point blank range.  That's my boy!
A little too much y chromosome perhaps?  Most definitely.
This child could not be slowed down for gloves, or ski pants, or snow boots, or a proper jacket.  As usual.
He did knit the hat himself.  Kind of a dichotomy of a boy.

And lastly, proud parents to the crew
 I am SO gonna have to buy myself some better sunglasses and a cute hat with a flower.
Now, back down the mountain where we belong, where we escape the snow.  Back to green lawns and flip-flops.  


  1. Completely adorable! And I love the picture of you and Papa!! Now, please explain to me how it is that YOU have snow in Arizona and I live in the frozen tundra and have nothin'?!?!? Jealous.

  2. Oh looks fun! And really, really cold! I'm going to go put on extra socks, slippers and another sweater now!

  3. We have lots of snow in AZ. Just have to go up the mountains to get there. That's where both Papas and I grew up. It really is the best of both worlds.


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