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Friday, December 16, 2011

Tess draws

I asked her who she was drawing a picture of.  And that was her reply verbatim, as she simultaneously added the anatomically correct appendage.
Oh yes she did!
I almost spit my drink out my nose!
I guess with boy-girl virtual twins it's to be expected.
And at 4 1/2 "parts" are a popular topic of conversation between them.
Just keeping it real.


  1. Thank you for the laugh! My drink almost ended up all over the screen. I do hope you save that drawing-- it should definitely make an appearance at the dress rehearsal for Tess's wedding, while her prom date waits for her to get ready, when she's trying to get her kids not to do something she thinks is inappropriate....

  2. That is stinkin' HILARIOUS!! My dear husband explained to our 2 year old that his "chest" was called his boobs. (I first prouded Justin on teaching our toddler the word "boobs" and then asked him what man he knew called his chest that? Anyway...) So, the other night, after he was done with it, I tried to throw Perry's ice-cream out the car window and he went ballistic!! When I asked him what was wrong he cried, "The deer might come to eat my ice-cweem and accidentally bite my boobs!!!" Geez Louise!

  3. i love it. oh, i love that brief phase where its acceptable to talk about "parts".

    Thanks for the giggle :)

  4. You always make me laugh! Has he drawn her parts yet? Haha

  5. Paige-
    Paige, it's too funny! I can't put it all on the blog! The way Jude says what he says, so matter-of-factly is hysterical! And then it always leads into a discussion of his "superior" parts. Just like a man, he's kinda sorry that Tess doesn't have one. One upping her at any chance. She doesn't care that much, and she's just reiterating what he says. The difference between sons and daughters!

  6. Oh, there is MUCH discussion of parts at my house!

  7. CRACKING UP!!! (and I needed to do that b/c I am OBSESSING over my apparently lost I800 file).

    BTW, our virtual twins at 6 years old know all about the parts too, and we have always taught our children this and with the proper terms too. I don't know why some people get all bent up over that, but it is totally natural and it is what it is.

    I have to say though at first when I read the 4 1/2, I thought you were talking size and not age and I thought that was a bit odd but then I re-read and realized you were talking age. Sorry but I'm clearly not thinking clearly.


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