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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spot It

With family around, we naturally gravitate towards games.  And the Thanksgiving celebrations brought lots of family and thus games.

Again, there was a lot of Qwirkle going on.  I posted about it here.

But Sunny has a new job, (I think I forgot to mention that) and she's working at a toy store!  My oldest having the 411 on all the cool games and toys... that's mama bliss!

So she has the best info on new fun games and insisted that we buy this one!
It's called Spot It, and it's a fast paced matching game that can be played several different ways.
And it meets my 4 big criteria for an awesome gotta-have family game!
1---It's cheap.
2---It's small and doesn't take up room in the game cupboard.
3---Adults and kiddos can play together.
4---It's really fun!

If your looking for a little Xmas gift to give a whole family, or maybe for your own family, I highly recommend.  Or just go ahead and get two.  It's that fun.  


  1. Thanks for the tip...will have to check out Spot It. My son lit up when he saw the pic of Qwirkle. He got it for his 7th bday and we LOVE it!

  2. We love Spot It, too. I'm jumping over from my friend Ann's blog (Crazy for Kids) to say Hi and that I'm a little jealous that you will be travelling together.

    I'm still holding out a little bit of hope that we will get our LOA soon. Congratulations on getting yours!

    Elizabeth (who also has two Vietnamese children)

  3. Hannah is just beginning to learn about games. What is the age range for Spot It? Mama lurves games!

  4. Catherine-Probably age 7-ish and up? Younger would be fine too, but the old folks would have to not "compete" so much and give the littler ones a chance. It really just a matching game. My 4 year olds could play it with one another since their skill at matching is about the same.


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